The Ideal Bets For The Upcoming NFL and College Games

1955_notre-dame_vs_navyWhen an individual decides to compose a book with the theme of the incredible runs of success in each and every sport and they highlight great sporting events, I would expect them to include an aspect of my latest run with regard to sports wagering. Such great sporting events are like the UCLA men’s basketball team winning 7 consecutive titles in the early ‘70s and late ‘60s, the Undertaker emerging the inner in his first twenty one WrestleMania’s or even the then Dolphins finishing 17- 0 in 1972. These are what can be used to effectively reference the NFL lines.

For those who failed to notice and have just purchased a new boat or car, they must have knowledge of my incredible run versus the spread in the last three weeks of 16-2. This is inclusive of my hard earned perfection of 6-0 in the past week.

I just hope the good charm does not wear off any time soon. I have a personal belief that the only means to seek perfection is by achieving it and constantly chasing it afterwards.

Navy vs. Notre Dame
It is a challenging task to keenly follow all the 128 college football teams of FBS for the purposes of wagering. However, if I was compelled to select 2 teams that I am well acquainted with and have confidence in, it would definitely be the Navy and Notre Dame. Since Notre Dame happens to be my alma mater, I am very conversant of their 3-5 record does not even slightly begin to narrate of their dysfunctional nature, the setbacks of their special teams and their disregard of discipline in defense. On the flip side, Navy is football team that Notre Dame is accustomed to playing against in their regular seasons since time immemorial. Furthermore, residents of Houston have learnt their style from their game against Coogs and most recently when they disqualified UH this season. Navy’s technique of optional ball is an obstacle to all teams and this is made worse if a team has challenges in tackling and aptitude setbacks on defense. I am clueless as to the reason the line’s close to a touchdown. Nonetheless, I’ll gladly take the six points. Apologies to the fans of Notre Dame.

Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State
Dark Prescott deserves the famous Heisman and Walter Camp Awards if the past 2 seasons are anything to go by after they thoroughly laid the program of Mississippi State to waste. This is regardless of the fact that he is undoubtedly a potential candidate for the National Football League Rookie of the Year award. The Bulldogs are just terrible, the Aggies are a lap dog to the selection committee of College Football Playoffs and there is uncertainty as to whether Kevin Sumlin hates or doesn’t have the guts of Dan Mullen. Aggies triumph over Mississippi State.

Washington State vs. Arizona
I have to acknowledge how well Mike Leach is fairing on the Washington State team. Surely, college football is way more interesting with Mike Leach heavily involved on the action. This is because we get rare opportunities like the current one of how he selects his team captain.

Interestingly, the only person whose lucky charm is currently on a higher pedestal than mine is Jamal Morrow. In any case, Washington State still have a high likelihood of clinching the Pac-12 to proceed to the prestigious Rose Bowl. Arizona is but a loss away from losing their race to the prestigious Rose Bowl and this has been made worse by their 4 consecutive conference game losses that averaged up to 23 points. Mike Leach simply works magic!

Ravens vs. Steelers
This performance is closely related to the injury situation of Ben Roethlisberger. He is currently grappling with the effects of the surgery of a torn meniscus. This means he will rush to return to the field when he is not at his optimum strength. Another possibility is that he will desert the QB reins for either Zach Mettenberger or Landry Jones. I fancy the Ravens and their 2.5 run over an unfit Ben. I fancy even more the Ravens and their 50 point run over a fully healthy Zach Mettenberger or Landry Jones.

Dallas vs. Browns
With running travels, it is no surprise that Dallas is at the top in both total defense and rushing DVOA. However, the Browns are at position 30 in passing, rushing and on defense are total DVOA. At least their consistency should count for something.

Chargers vs. Titans
I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the Titans team and I would fancy them more were it that they were on different divisions with the Texans. I am not sure if finding a team that prepares and attempts to hit you in the mouth several times a game cool is my old school sensibility. What makes it even cooler is the presence of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray in the game regardless of the fact that they are failing to fully utilize among the finest potential and very active quarterbacks in the NFL.

San Diego has among the most outstanding run defenses in the entire football history and Joey Bosa (the rookie) has not disappointed his hype, with an impressive 26 QB pressures in only 4 games.

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