WWE: Paige Fails Another Drug Test – What’s Going On?

Paige failed drug test second WWEWWE superstar Paige has been making the news for all the wrong reasons.

She has been in the news since she failed a drug test in late-August the same day her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio also failed his test. It was reported that they failed for different reasons. Del Rio announced later that he was taking testosterone to help with his physique.

Her boyfriend worked out a mutual release with WWE, since an ‘out clause’ was coming up soon anyways. Paige has a couple years left on her contract, so there’s no way WWE would let her out of her contract, especially since she’s a high profile talent on their programming and E!’s “Total Divas.”

Well, Paige was apparently awaiting neck surgery when she failed her second drug test, which results in an unpaid 60-day suspension.

Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, comes from a family of professional wrestlers in the UK. The family has stood by her side during this ordeal. Her mom Saraja Knight has taken to Twitter since August to squash rumors of Paige’s illicit drug use.

Back in September, Paige took to social media and described how she ‘failed’ her first test. Apparently she wasn’t home when Aegis, the company that conducts drug tests, went to her home. I guess talents are supposed to make Aegis aware of their whereabouts at all times in case of a random drug test. Paige said she drove 200 miles back to her home, but by then it was too late, so it registered as a failed test.

Paige gave a different excuse for her second failed test.

It appears that she is claiming that she has a doctor’s note for whatever she failed the test for this time around. The only problem with this is that everyone in WWE is supposed to go to WWE’s doctors for things of that nature. It’s part of the wellness policy to keep wrestlers from doctor shopping and getting painkillers from various doctors. The Chris Benoit tragedy made the change necessary since he used a local Georgia doctor to obtain various medications.

Her brothers even stepped in to comment on the entire situation and why Paige failed her second wellness policy test.

I think we’ve heard from just about the entire Bevis family at this point.

Well, the WWE didn’t like Paige and her family discounting their wellness policy. They ‘ethered’ Paige with their statement to the New York Post.

“Saraya-Jade Bevis tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

*mic drop*

I guess there is another scenario to this…maybe Paige is trying to get fired. Her contract would be terminated if she fails a third drug test. I’m sure WWE would try to keep her under some sort of frozen contract, but I doubt they could keep her from working elsewhere if her contract is terminated from failing a third test. The timing is horrible for her because if she is getting neck surgery, she would be out for six months to a year, so she wouldn’t be able to work anywhere else anyways.

Listen, I think the only person who truly knows what’s going on with Paige is Paige. If she has a substance issue, she needs to get that nipped in the bud. We all know how many wrestler deaths were associated with illicit drug use.

I’m not saying Paige is 100% taking illegal drugs, but WWE is extremely sensitive about being associated with drug use. For them to come out and say she was using illegal drugs was pretty huge. Also, they wouldn’t keep her under contract if they didn’t think she could either get this under control. They know she’s a talented performer, but they clearly don’t like her being associated with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio.

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