Former Mets Pitcher Plans to Sue MLB

jenrry-mejia-mlb-philadelphia-phillies-new-york-mets-1Major League Baseball’s drug testing program is considered one of the best in professional sports, and the punishment for failed drug tests have been severe. Since the implementation of the program, there have been fewer failed drug tests in the league because players don’t want to risk getting suspended for a season. While home run numbers are down, the game is still exciting and baseball betting lines haven’t been affected.

When the program started, there were some skeptics of the program who felt the only players that would be suspended for a long time were the marginal players that don’t have much of an impact on the team.
However, big names like Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez were both suspended for length periods due to their violation of the league’s new anti-doping policy. Rodriguez, who was one of the biggest stars in baseball, received the longest suspension since the policy was implemented, proving the league wasn’t playing favorites.

While most players are fine with the current drug testing program, former New York Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia is not one of them.

According to reports, Mejia plans on suing MLB because he was given a lifetime ban after his third failed test. The three failed tests Mejia had all happened in less than one calendar year, which is why it is surprising that he is the first person to sue the league because of a failed performance enhancing drug test.

After Mejia’s ban was announced, the pitcher claimed to have been targeted as part of a witch hunt. He also claims that the Major League Baseball Players’ Association did not do enough during the process to protect him. At the time, Mejia hinted at taking legal action, and he confirmed that he will file a lawsuit this week.

Mejia’s intent to sue MLB was made by his lawyer, Vincent White, on Monday. White issued a statement in which he said a press conference will be held in New York on Thursday to reveal a lawsuit that was filed to reveal years of corruption in baseball.

The statement also claims that the lawsuit is a result of detailed investigation that took years to complete, which is surprising since Mejia was only just banned this year. The statement from White also claims that there is corrupt mob-like activities going on in baseball.

While Mejia and his lawyer sound like they have a lot of information that can damage the integrity of baseball, the fact of the matter is they don’t have much of a chance going up against the legal team MLB will have.

Also, Mejia’s failed tests were a result of him using performance enhancing drugs, and as a player in MLB, he violated the league’s rule and has to suffer the consequences.

The one thing Mejia has going in his favor is the fact that Alex Rodriguez sued the league when he was given a 211 game suspension. To avoid a drawn out court drama that would have been bad for both sides, they agreed to a 162 game suspension and Rodriguez dropped his lawsuit.

However, Rodriguez’s suspension was the first of his career and it was initially for a little over one season. Mejia has been banned for life, so the chances of him getting reinstated anytime soon are very low.

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