Pac 12 Basketball: Who will Win the Regular Season Crown?

Jakob Poeltl Utah Utes Pac 12 college basketballPac 12 basketball championship is always a competitive with many teams going for nothing less than the title. We all know that this season is definitely no exception after the preparation the teams have undergone. Visit online oddsmakers like to find odds on which team is likely to win the season’s crown of Pac 12 Basketball Tournament.

After the slate of games on Saturday, both Oregon and Arizona are currently ranked at the top position of conference standings with 10-4. Nevertheless, Utah is also down on their necks at a 9-5 with a game in hand against USC scheduled on Sunday afternoon, whereas Cal and USC follow Utah at 8-5. This would make it a tight championship to predict.

For many years, Pac 12 has been more a five-team race in between the schools, but odds thus boiling down to either Oregon or Arizona. Unluckily, these two teams will not face-off anymore in this year’s regular season. Arizona was beaten by Oregon in their single match-up earlier in Arizona, where they won by 83-75

On the other hand, Oregon will have to take on both Washington and Washington State at home before ending their season with a match against USC and UCLA. According to the calendar, Arizona will definitely have a tougher finish with remaining games being against Utah and Colorado. This will be crucial since they are scheduled prior to kick-off of the season’s PAC 12 Conference Tournament.

With the Sunday win over USC, Utah improve their rankings 10-5 at the Conference to move just half game behind its two leaders; however, USC is not an easy task. Utah will also finish the season with tough games against Arizona State, Arizona, USC and Colorado, whereas USC has four games against Cal, Oregon State, Stanford, and Oregon, after the Sunday’s game against Utah. In other words, this year’s Pac 12 race is definitely wide open for any of the teams willing to battle it out.

Utah has been playing well all season after their signature win at the Cameron Indoor Stadium against Duke while USC was a very big shock in the previous PAC 12. In addition, Trojans have won key games against Arizona and Wichita State that adds to their resume. One can say that it would be very difficult to make predictions on the PAC 12 given that the teams have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

UCLA have had the most impressive performance with wins against Gonzaga and Kentucky. The Bruins are currently 6-8 on the Pac 12 with an overall record that sits at 15-12. In addition, they have lost 6 of their last 10 games, which makes them tied with Oregon State and Stanford in fifth as per the conference.

This year’s PAC 12 Conference Tournament will be very interesting to watch.

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