The Mystery of Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand

Jason-Pierre-Paul-Hand New York Giants NFLWe’ve all heard the story by now. New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul rented a huge truck, filled it with fireworks and then preceded to blow off finger(s) on his right hand.

JPP since went MIA and didn’t report to the Giants for the entire training camp. He didn’t need to show up since he never signed the franchise tag contract. The contract is still on the table, but New York could basically refuse to pay him if they put him on the ‘Non-Football Injury” list. If he missed the entire season while on the list, they wouldn’t have to pay him a dime. Also, the time accrued while on the list doesn’t count towards the player’s pension plan.

There are still questions about the shape of JPP’s hand. Every report gets worse and worse. How many fingers does he have left?

Deadspin posted an interesting piece about JPP’s hand yesterday. It was once reported that he was only missing his right index finger. Now it seems like he may also be missing portions of his thumb and possibly his middle finger, which he had a procedure on earlier this month.

JPP and the Giants will keep us in the dark until his hand is ready for public viewing. I imagine it is still a mess at this point.

Kids, don’t mess around with fireworks…especially if you get paid millions of dollars and need them for work.

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