2015 MLB Draft: All-Name Team

Rob Manfred 2015 MLB Draft all name team funny hilariousIn case you missed it, the 2015 MLB Amateur Draft took place this week…all 40 rounds!

Arizona started the draft off by selecting shortstop Dansby Swanson, which is a solid name in my book…but didn’t make the cut.

We love making all-name team lists for upcoming seasons and drafts, so covering the MLB Draft is a no-brainer. There is some solid names on this year’s list.

My name is Bobby Roberts, so I am often jealous of people with unique names. The most unique thing about my name is that I was not born ‘Robert Roberts’, Bobby is my given name. I don’t know too many grown men named Bobby.

To clear up any confusion, this list is comprised of guys with funny names and just solid names that just belong in the game of baseball.

Kyle Funkhouser – RHP – Louisville (35th overall to Dodgers)

Trey Cabbage – 3B – Grainger HS (110th overall to Twins)

Skyle Bolt – OF – North Carolina (128th overall to A’s)

Ka’Ai Tom – OF – Kentucky (154th overall to Indians)

Tucker Tubbs – 1B – Memphis (261st overall to Red Sox)

Kerby Camacho – C – Puerto Rico (320th to Twins)

Adam Choplick – LHP – Oklahoma (408th to Rangers)

Boomer Biegalski – RHP – Florida State (428th to A’s)

Scooter Hightower – RHP – Columbia State (457th to Pirates)

Dustin Hurlbutt – RHP – Tabor College (488th to A’s)

Rock Rucker – LHP – Auburn at Montgomery (595th to Reds)

Darren Shred – RHP – St. Roch Catholic (655th to Reds)

Dalton Geekie – RHP – Georgia Highlands College (660th to Braves)

Icezack Flemming – RHP – Cal State Los Angeles (783rd to Yankees)

Christian Turnipseed – RHP – Georgia Gwinnett College (853rd to Orioles)

Tim Proudfoot – SS – Texas Tech (1058th to A’s)

Bucket Goldby – 3B – Yuba City HS (1166th to Marlins)

Mattingly Romanin – IF – Chicago State (1172nd to Blue Jays)

Also, I enjoyed this little interaction on Twitter with one of the drafted players on the list. It looks like Mr. Turnipseed is a good sport about.


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