10 MLB Players Who Pronounce Their Name Wrong

Paul Maholm Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Weird PronounciationHave you ever watched baseball and heard the play-by-play guy say a player’s name and wonder who the hell he is talking about? It even happens to me and I’m a huge baseball fan.

I know the influx of Latino talent has caused some confusion, but this list doesn’t contain anyone from Latin countries. I focused on players that linguistically, it doesn’t make much sense to pronounce their name ‘correct’.

A few of these players have even played on my favorite team and thought their name was pronounced a lot different than what ‘correct.’

We list ten didn’t baseball players and spell out their pronunciation phonetically. Do you agree with this list?

Paul Maholm (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Paul Ma-hall-um

Chone Figgins (Los Angeles Dodgers) – Shawn Figgins

J.J. Putz (Arizona Diamondbacks) – Jay Jay Puts

Jonathan Schoop (Baltimore Orioles) – Jonathan Scope

Kyle Lohse (Milwaukee Brewers) – Kyle Lowsh

Josh Thole (Toronto Blue Jays) – Josh Toll-y

J.A. Happ (Toronto Blue Jays) – Jay Hap

Philip Humber (Oakland A’s) – Phil-lip Um-ber

Mike Fiers (Milwaukee Brewers) – Mike Fires

Nathan Eovaldi (Miami Marlins) – Nathan E-val-dy

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