Betting on Who Will Win The NHL This Season

nhl chicago blackhawks stanley cup winner 2013-14NHL ice hockey is noted for being a somewhat physically brutal spectacle at times, but trying to pick a side to win it this season may be almost as mentally brutal for sports betting fans. After all, at this point in the 2013/14 season, at least four or five teams are almost impossible to choose between, as the Penguins, Blackhawks, Bruins and Ducks are all displaying Stanley Cup-winning form in their various divisions. The bookmakers can find little to divide these sides in terms of quality either, so exactly who should you lay your wagers on?

If you were going purely on divisional performances, then perhaps the Penguins should be your pick – as their sixteen point advantage in the Metropolitan one shows just how much they are outclassing the other sides. None of the three other teams have a lead of this magnitude, but the Blackhawks are arguably the strongest overall side, having won Conference and Cup last year, and kept most of the players who did so. These two sides are almost neck and neck in odds terms (6/1 and 7/1 respectively) for the Stanley Cup, and one of the two would probably be your best bet. If this doesn’t convince you though, you do have the option of taking a Break Away from it all at a casino like

Break Away is the biggest and best ice hockey casino game of all, and something everyone who loves the sport and betting on it should try at least once. Although the reel graphics capture the thunderous physical action of the NHL, without you having to put your body on the line, and the payout is likely to be bigger than you would win by betting on it. There is a free spin bonus called ‘rolling reels’ that can multiply the cash you claim – making it money-spinning even if you don’t win the jackpot. Furthermore the coin deposit needed to play is so absurdly low (around $0.01) that you really can’t lose – whatever you win.

I would personally go for the long shot, my Columbus Blue Jackets. At +3000, there’s enough juice and if they pull it off, you’ll look like a hockey genius with better hair than Barry Melrose!

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