NFL: Jeff Fisher Supports Helmet Rule Change

St. Louis Rams Rookie Mini CampIt’s official. The NFL changed two rules this afternoon. The Infamous “tuck rule” was nixed and the controversial rule concerning players who lead with their helmet, was passed.

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher was interviewed about the helmet rule change.

He explains the mood in the room and if he believes the rule will make the referees’ job even more difficult.

Are you happy the NFL is taking strides to protect the players or are you a football purist who believes this rule affects the game negatively?

In Fisher’s interview, he describes the mood in the room as being joyous. “The membership was really, really excited.” He continued, “One of the few times that you have heard people clap.”

Fisher believes the rule was a step in the right direction. He adds that once the rule is fully explained to players, they’ll see the benefits of the rule.

Many fans worry that this rule will lead to games will be “over-officiated.” Fisher cleared up their concerns by adding, “(The referees) are already starting the process of educating officials of what should be called and what not should be called.”

I believe in five years, fans will agree this rule was put in place to better the game. It will keep your favorite players from suffering preventable concussions.

If you want to see the entire interview with Jeff Fisher, you can find it here.

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