NHL Talk: Ballsy Blackhawks Bet, Chara’s Goal & Schlitz Beer

Zdeno+Chara+Shirtless+NHL+Boston+BruinsTwo hockey guys talking hockey.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two die-hard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game, every night (almost).

The guys talk about Zdeno Chara’s goal, Anaheim’s trading deadline dilemma, Schlitz beer and the Blackhawks amazing point streak.

It’s a shame that the NHL Lockout had to happen this season. Chicago could be on an historic run, but sadly the season was shortened.

By the way, neither of these guys have a girlfriend.

This is their email conversation the following morning.

Pasquali: Yooo, Eddie. Even though it is Monday, I am guessing you are in pretty good spirits this morning.

Theisen: I’ve been sober for two days and the Red Wings had two good wins this weekend. I am feeling pretty good.

Pasquali: Sober for two days??

Theisen: It’s insanity, I know.

Pasquali: Well, I knew you would be in a good mood about Detroit at least. Two big wins for them this weekend, a 4-0 shutout against Nashville followed up by a 8-3 destruction of Vancouver last night. I consider the Canucks and Predators both playoff teams and I was very impressed at how Detroit played both. If you had to pick one of the 8 that got passed Luongo, which one was the prettiest goal to you?

Theisen: I liked Damien Brunner’s goal, but my favorite was Niklas Kronwall’s. Delayed penalty to the Canucks and Kronwall blasts one from the point off the post. Even though it looked like it got tipped, Kronwall still got credit for the goal.

Pasquali: Great goals, and even Jordan Tootoo got one. We’ll see if Detroit can stay hot as they head out West for a two game road trip this week. Wings fans have to be happy the offense woke up, against two pretty good goalies too.

Theisen: Putting up four against Pekka Rinne and eight against Roberto Luongo is never a bad thing. Also, Detroit’s power play actually did something yesterday, putting up five goals on the Canucks penalty kill. Detroit didn’t score one power play goal against Vancouver last season, going of 0 for 20.

Pasquali: How does Luongo not get pulled in last night’s game? Was this Vancouver telling him he is definitely going out the door?

Theisen: I don’t think so. I still think he’ll get traded, but why put in Cory Schneider? Schneider will probably start next game, so don’t put him in a four-goal game in the third period, save him for next game.

Pasquali: It just seems like Hockey 101 to never have the same goalie in a game when you concede 8 goals, but I agree with resting Schneider. Detroit’s power play has been getting hot and you can see the team starting to feel more confident.

Another team with a big weekend was the Anaheim Ducks. Winners of six in a row, they fell behind 2-0 to Colorado last night but battled back and won 4-3 in overtime. Corey Perry got the winner, scoring his second of the game. I really can’t wait for Anaheim to play Chicago again, we have to wait till March 20th!

Theisen: The Ducks have been a shock this season to me. I know they’re not as bad as last season indicated, but to be pushing with the Blackhawks for top spot in the West? Anaheim trails Chicago by 6 points, but have played two less games. So, Anaheim technically could be 2 points back from the West lead right now. Even though the Ducks are off to a great start, they still have the worry of Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf or Bobby Ryan having to go at the deadline. I’d like to see if they keep them all on for a Cup run or do the smart move and trade one.

Pasquali: I know it makes sense, but I don’t know how you could trade away one of your stars when your team is playing this well. It’ll be very interesting indeed to see what they do. Pittsburgh won both of their games as well this weekend and have gotten themselves back towards the top of the East. Boston, New Jersey, Montreal, Pittsburgh. Who do you see coming out of the East this year?

Theisen: I’d say Boston just because of easier competition for them. Not saying the Northeast is bad by any means, just the Bruins are so big and tough and seem like they can dominate their division easier than New Jersey or Pittsburgh can with the very competitive Atlantic Division.

Pasquali: Did you see Zdeno Chara’s goal against Florida yesterday? A man that is as big as Chara should not be able to move like that. Insane.

Theisen: He looked like a ballerina on that play…a giant, grizzly ballerina

Pasquali: Staying in the East, how about my Canadiens on Saturday? Their point streak continues and they blanked the Rangers 3-0. Rick Nash has now missed his third game with an injury and during the game Saturday they lost their top two defenseman Ryan McDonagh and Dan Girardi. New York coach John Tortorella was very unhappy after the game about the hit Max Pacioretty put on McDonagh. Dirty? Suspension worthy?

Theisen: It looked like Pacioretty was definitely trying to inflict some pain on McDonagh. I don’t know if I’d go as far as a suspension for it though. If Jannik Hansen only got 1 game for what he did to Hossa, I see Pacioretty just getting fined. Maybe the 10k max for Max… clever

Pasquali: Haha. Hey, it just came out about an hour ago Max won’t face any suspension or a fine. Interesting.

Theisen: I’m okay with all of that. I’m surprised they didn’t give him at least a fine, but it wasn’t that bad.

Pasquali: After their huge, uplifting win on Thursday night, San Jose decided to lose both of their games on the weekend (Chicago and Dallas) and start another impressive streak. How long do you think this one will last? And do you still think San Jose is a playoff team?

Theisen: I do still think they are a playoff team, I thought this is the Sharks team we’d see all year. Still a lot of talent on that roster to do some damage, just in a slump right now. I’d like to see them match up against the Ducks in the playoffs. That’d be a nice little Cali rivalry.

Pasquali: With the win Dallas now has moved into 8th in the West. I am very surprised by them this year. Yeah, they aren’t great but they are better than they were last season. Jamie Benn has been more than solid and Jaromir Jagr is still playing at a high level. Are they going to make the playoffs? I doubt it, but they are tough to play against.

Theisen: I could see them making the playoffs, but I don’t think they will at season’s end. Think of the teams they’d have to beat out to make the playoffs: Detroit, San Jose, St Louis, Nashville and even the Kings and Wild. I don’t think they’ll be able to do it, but I have been wrong plenty of times before.

Pasquali: Like that time you brought all of that Schlitz beer to that party at my house.

Not Joe or Eddie

Theisen: That wasn’t really my doing. A friend thought it’d be a good idea to buy 30 of them for $7. I think Natty Light is a much better choice than that crap. And if you can stomach more than three of them, you deserve a medal.

Pasquali: Wow, you just said Natural Light is better than something…Eddie Theisen, beer connoisseur. New Jersey managed only three goals and was defeated in back to back regulation games for the first time all year (Washington, Florida). We both thought the Capitals would be on their way back, but losing 4-2 to Winnipeg… isn’t good.

Theisen: I was surprised to see the Devils lose two games like that to lesser quality teams in the East. New Jersey will still compete for the #1 seed in the East. Just a matter of shaking this weekend off

Pasquali: They’re a veteran team, they’ll be fine.

Ok, the Blackhawks. They may get a point every game this year.

Theisen: I mean it’s definitely not going to happen, but I still can’t believe they haven’t lost in regulation. I told my Blackhawks friend the other day, if the Blackhawks win 25 games before losing in regulation, he can kick me in the nuts as hard as he wants

Pasquali: Well we’d have to video tape that for sure. Is there any stipulations? Can you wear a cup? What shoes can he wear?

Theisen: No cup and no steal toed boots.

Pasquali: Sooo, your balls are relying on Edmonton, St Louis, Detroit, Minnesota, Colorado, or Columbus. Who plays the hero?

Theisen: I think Edmonton is going to give the Hawks their first regulation loss tonight

Pasquali: You’ve always hated Chicago, your hatred has to be growing more and more. Eddie, I’m worried for you.

Theisen: It would be pretty exciting if they had 24 wins though. That 25th win game would be like a game 7 to me

Pasquali: Um, yeah. That is a ballsy bet, pun intended. Go Oilers go. So you’re picking Edmonton tonight?

Theisen: You know it. The Blackhawks beat the Jackets last night 1-0. I think they’ll be tired and chasing the young legs of the Oilers tonight.

Pasquali: I like your thinking, but I’m going to pick Chicago every game while your nuts are on the line.

Phoenix lost two tough ones this weekend, last night’s last minute collapse to Calgary was real bad.

Theisen: That was disappointing for letting a team like the Flames do that and steal two points from you. In other disappointing news, no more Teppo Numminen jersey for me.

Pasquali: Sad indeed. I know you wanted it. We both need to keep a running bet as the season goes along. Currently, you have the bet for the sake of your manhood. I’ll start one with Anaheim. They have six wins in a row, if they get to ten I will be grabbing some Ducks gear.

Theisen: Sounds good to me. I think an old school Sean Pronger Mighty Ducks jersey would look good on you.

Pasquali: I don’t know any Ducks fans, so I am going to go look at some retro gear. They have to get by the Kings tonight; I’ll be staying up SUPER late watching that battle. Four other games this evening, what are you watching Edward?

Theisen: Toronto vs Philly is my matchup tonight. Two teams fighting for points right now and no matter which city the game is in, you can count on the fans booing

Pasquali: Two teams who love to hate their own team. If Philly played Toronto in Russia, fans from both teams would fly there to show displeasure. The Air Canada and Wells Fargo Centers are like big “Player Haters Balls”

Theisen: And Nationwide Arena and Nassau Coliseum are like the Special Olympics.

Pasquali: Oooooh, Blue Jackets burn! I thought were going to get through one Hockey Talk without hating on Columbus. Hey man, they beat the spread against Chicago yesterday. I think Vegas had them at +6.5

Theisen: I honestly have nothing against the Blue Jackets or their 136 fans.

Pasquali: Hate, hate, hate! Montreal is at Ottawa, a team who has won their last 4 games. I think that is the best game of the evening. Both teams are playing well and near the top of the Eastern Conference. Lever le flambeau!!!

Theisen: It is amazing that the Senators continue to play great without Erik Karlsson and Jason Spezza. If Craig Anderson goes down, they’ll be in serious trouble. Montreal has to come back to normal soon or I’ll have to admit they’re actually elite.

Pasquali: So who do you like, the Senators or Canadiens?

Theisen: I’m sticking with the Senators. I’m not giving up on my bandwagon East team quite yet.

Pasquali: I am taking Montreal. Loser has to write a haiku about the winning team in tomorrow’s hockey talk.

Theisen: OK, have fun writing yours in French.

Pasquali: Fun fact, I excel at writing haiku’s in any language.

Eddie drinks often

Dislikes success of Blackhawks

Balls in jeopardy

Pasquali’s Picks (season so far 92-85)

Leafs over Flyers
Canadiens over Senators
Predators over Stars
Hawks over Oilers
Ducks over Kings

Theisen’s Picks (season so far 90-87)

Flyers over Leafs
Senators over Canadiens
Predators over Stars
Oilers over Hawks
Ducks over Kings

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