NHL Talk: Yakupov’s OT Goal, Jackie Moon & Logan Couture

Two hockey guys talking hockey

It’s hard to have a site called America’s White Boy without covering a sport where most players look like an average person in street clothes.

If this goes well, I may need to start a sister site, Canada’s White Boy. I would need a maple syrup sponsor or a lifetime supply of Tim Horton’s “Timbits”…so it probably won’t happen.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two diehard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game every night (almost). Neither have a girlfriend. This is their email conversation the following morning.

Final scores from 1/30/13

Ottawa 5, Montreal 1
Minnesota 3, Chicago 2 F/SO
Edmonton 2, Phoenix 1 F/OT
Vancouver 3, Colorado 0

About last night…..

Pasquali: Hey Eddie, what is the proper way to celebrate an OT Winner on hostile ice? Not the Nail Yakupov way?

Derek Morris crashes Nail Yakupov’s Celebration

Theisen: Well, after last night Yakupov is only one over the line celebration away from getting the hat trick

Pasquali: So we can officially name three over the line celebrations the “Yakupov Hat Trick”. The game tying goal against LA last week was obviously worse, we agree on that, right?

Theisen: Yeah, I think Ned Braden was more graceful with his center ice antics.

Pasquali: Was Derek Morris in the right for going after him? Or did he just look like an ass who was a sore loser?

Theisen: Morris is an old school veteran who has the right to go after a rookie acting like Yakupov. That’s twice now in the span of a week he has gone over the line with his “celly”. I agree with Morris going after the Oilers after the game

Pasquali: Yeah, I tend to agree as well. Not the first time a dust up has happened after the game is over. Phoenix didn’t appear to enjoy losing that one. Doan’s face after the game said it all.

Theisen: He may have just been amazed at all 27 people in the crowd last night

Pasquali: Haha, cheap shot. I always do get a laugh at the Coyote’s website. They are currently advertising they have the fastest skater in the AHL and Paw Patrol girl Alanna.

Alanna by the way loves ice cream and Mexican food. But not together!

You can see here that Alanna is “outgoing, laid-back and ambitious”.

Theisen: When did Jackie Moon become the head of marketing for the Coyotes?

Shane Doan told me he just likes to read the articles.

Pasquali: We may have to do a follow up article and just rate our Paw Patrol girls. I could lose hours. Anyways… Hey, the Hawks finally lost a game. Sort of.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild: 1/30/2013 (Full Shootout)

Theisen: If you count a skills competition as a win, I guess you say the Wild pulled out the “W” last night, Blackhawks outplayed the Wild and came up a crossbar short with Sharp.

Nicklas Backstrom saved the Wild last night after Harding was pulled not even 10 minutes in.

Pasquali: Surprised Hossa wasn’t in the shootout? Also, Parise’s shootout goal was Kane-esqe whereas Kane’s was… well boring considering what he has done in the past.

Theisen: I was surprised to not see Hossa shoot for the Hawks, considering he has better hands than Sharp. Are we seeing a trend with Americans in the shootout? Parise’s move last night was dirty and even Matt Cullen showing the NHL that he can dangle

Pasquali: Not sure about the North American angle; I would love to see how a coach decides who their three is. You’d have to think Hossa was coming up if the shootout kept going. We both agree Chicago is the best team in the league right now?

Theisen: Them or the San Jose Sharks for sure. Chicago probably has the best talent overall between the two, but the Sharks have shown how their veteran talent is still a threat. Patrick Marleau already has 9 goals while Thornton is sitting on 13 points. The Blues certainly make a case for best in the league as well. I don’t think any team in the East right now can make a case for top dog in the NHL. I do have to go with the Blackhawks for best in the league.

Pasquali: Yeah, I was going to say San Jose is my #2. I watched them against Anaheim Tuesday night and was once again impressed. Can you believe Logan Courture is only 23? I swear he has been around longer than that, feels like it at least. Not so bold prediction: Courture has a great season.

Theisen: I agree, the Sharks also have some young talent to go along with the veterans like Couture, Pavelski and Wingels. Also back up Thomas Greiss is showing that he could be a promising goalie for their future. There’s a reason the Sharks didn’t pull the trigger wiith the trade offer from Columbus involving Rick Nash for Logan Couture. He’s too valuable to the Sharks at this point and could be face of the Sharks in a few years.

Pasquali: Well now that we talked the Sharks up, watch Edmonton steamroll them tonight. Now to give the East some love, how about those Senators?!?! Ottawa ended Montreal’s four game winning streak and Craig Anderson is off to an insane start… but it can’t last. I mean, this is Ottawa.

Theisen: In the words of Mr. Larson “I beg to differ”. Ottawa was a surprise last year and could very well be the same this year. Ottawa snuck in as an 8 seed last year and even gave the New York Rangers a 7 game series scare. The only thing holding Ottawa back is defense. I know they have Erik Karlsson but he is mainly an offensive- defenseman. Gonchar falls under the same category just not as big of a threat anymore. Mika Zibanejad is another weapon at the point, leaving Chris Phillips as their only quality defensive D-man. Problem is he’s way past his prime and his career is coming to an end. The forwards are fine with Alfredsson, Michalek, Turris and Spezza (when he returns). Anderson is a good goalie, but lacks consistency. Last year Anderson had 33 wins but also played 63 games. Maybe a shortened season will help the Senators all around.

Pasquali: Wow, breaking out Happy Gilmore references. You must be serious about Ottawa. Hey, I got to admit Ottawa is fun to watch, and the league is always better when teams from eastern Canada remember how to play hockey. Their next five games aren’t exactly hard (CAR, MTL, BUF, CAR, WIN), so they could go on a bit of a run.

Do you think it will be good or bad that the West and East don’t play this year? I mean, getting your teeth kicked in occasionally by one of the big boys out west has to be a good team building exercise.

Theisen: Well, the bubble East teams will be happy they don’t have to play teams like Chicago, St Louis, and San Jose but I don’t think it will make much of a difference. Bubble west teams also don’t have to play teams like Boston, New York, Philly and Pittsburgh (if they start playing hockey). So all in all it should even out on both sides. I do agree though it’s good to get your “teeth kicked in”. The Kings last year played playoff hockey for a month and it paid off (obviously) for them last year in their run.

Pasquali: So, since getting your teeth kicked in is good for you, Columbus is going to be set for a run. We are both predicting that now.

Theisen: Blue Jackets and Islanders will definitely be your 2013 Finals.

(*editor’s note* This is clearly sarcasm).

Pasquali: And this blog is completely for betting purposes. Please, place your hard earned money on a Jackets v Islanders final.

Theisen: …with Daniel Winnik winning the Rocket Richard Trophy as well.

Pasquali: Daniel Winnik has been mentioned, that means it must be time to wrap this up. Which games you looking forward to tonight?

Theisen: Buffalo vs Boston, Pittsburgh vs New York and Nashville vs LA

These should be the three best matchups of the night

Pasquali: Bleh. Such boring and obvious picks. I am going to be one of the 5 people outside of Winnipeg watching the Jets take on the Panthers.

If a goal is scored in BankAtlantic center and I am not tuned in to witness it, how will we know?!

Theisen: Joe Pasquali the ultimate hockey hipster

Pasquali: Hatehatehate all you want. You know the ladies don’t love anything more than indie hockey games.

Joe’s Predictions

Boston over Buffalo
Toronto over Washington
New York Islanders over New Jersey
New York Rangers over Pittsburgh
Columbus over St Louis (upset special)
Winnipeg over Florida
Calgary over Colorado
Los Angeles over Nashville
San Jose over Edmonton

Eddie’s Predictions

Boston over Buffalo
Toronto over Washington
New Jersey over New York Islanders
New York Rangers over Pittsburgh
St Louis over Columbus
Winnipeg over Florida
Calgary over Colorado
Nashville over Los Angeles (upset special)
San Jose over Edmonton

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