Tim Tebow Heckled By Own Fans, Looks Bad At Camp

Tim Tebow can’t escape being criticized, even by his own team’s fans watching training camp. If you have ever watched the NFL Draft, I guess hearing a few boos from New York Jets fans shouldn’t be surprising.

Tebow is the most polarizing player in the NFL and everyone has an opinion if he can be effective as the starting quarterback for the Jets. He had a bad practice today and he didn’t change anyone’s mind positively. He paraded around without his shirt at the end of practice, hopefully to distract everyone from his play…it didn’t work.

He wasn’t the only quarterback to look bad. Mark Sanchez had his own blunders in the poor weather. Interceptions and fumbles could be the overall theme in the Jets training camp this year.

Tim Tebow’s honeymoon period with the New York media appears to be over. Is the Jets’ blind optimism about their quarterbacks warranted?

Tebow took 12 snaps with the second team today. He went 3 for 8 and took a ‘sack’ after running around the field trying to avoid defenders. The hecklers started to let him have it during that play. His own fans were yelling, “Throw the ball” and “This is why you’re number two!” There is a group of Jets’ fans who believe Sanchez is their future and have disliked Tebow from Day 1. Sanchez did lead them to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances, but smart fans could say that he benefited from a staunch defense.

Tebow and Sanchez are in a quarterback competition manufactured by the media. You haven’t heard anything from head coach Rex Ryan about a competition. Conjecture can make a mess of an already bad situation.

Tony Sparano is the Jets new offensive coordinator. He is best known for implementing the Wildcat offense when he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Jets linebacker Bart Scott believes the Jets will have an advantage with Tebow in a similar package. It is a risky gamble, since teams figured out the Wildcat by the next season after it began.

The Jets have the most pressure of any team in the NFL…and they didn’t even make the playoffs a year ago. The Giants won the Super Bowl last season and coach Ryan could be on the hot seat if the team starts the season poorly. They will find it difficult to share a stadium with the world champions.

If the quarterbacks’ poor play becomes the norm, expect Tebow AND Sanchez to use the ‘shirtless’ distraction on a daily basis.
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