Sports Crush (Olympics Edition): Jen Kessy & April Ross

We already know who Missy May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings are, but U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball has two new members that everyone should know. Jennifer Kessy and April Ross will be household names by the end of the 2012 Olympics.

The duo barely missed making the 2008 Olympics, but went on to win the 2009 World Championships.

Beach volleyball fans already know them and they are expected to do very well in the 2012 Olympics. I hope they win a medal, because ABC needs new women athletes to invite to participate in ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

After the Olympics, they could have hyphens after their names real soon, just like May and Walsh…Jen Kessy-Roberts sounds nice.

Here is a photo gallery of the Kessy/Ross beach volleyball duo.

April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+United+States+Beach+Volleyball April Ross, Jennifer Kessy April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+USA+Beach+Volleyball April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+USA+Beach+Volleyball+Olympics April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+USA+Beach+Volleyball+Olympics+Team April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+USA+Beach+Volleyball+Sword April+Ross+Jen+Kessy+USA+Beach+Volleyball+Team April+Ross+Jennifer+Kessy+United+States+Beach+Volleyball+Ass Jennifer+Kessy+Beach+Volleyball+Olympics+Hot

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