2012 Olympics: Basketball Odds + Prop Bets

Our friends over at Bovada.lv hooked us up with the betting odds and prop bets for the basketball event during the 2012 Olympics.

I’m a big fan of straight odds, but there are some interesting prop bets on the board that should interest many gamblers.

I enjoy the historical prop bets that have Michael Jordan’s stats from 1992 face Lebron James’ 2012 stats. Charles Barkley/Kevin Durant and Magic Johnson/Chris Paul have similar prop bets.

Are you going to put some money on the Olympics? Team USA is heavily favored to win the gold in London, so betting on them would be super patriotic, right? (At least that’s what I tell myself)

Men’s Basketball Props

Basketball – Men’s – Odds to win the Gold Medal
USA                                         1/8
Spain                                        13/2
France                                      28/1
Argentina                                  28/1
Lithuania                                   33/1
Russia                                      33/1
Brazil                                        40/1
Australia                                   100/1
Great Britain                              250/1
China                                        400/1
Nigeria                                      500/1
Tunisia                                      1000/1
Basketball Men’s – Odds to win Silver
Spain                            4/9
France                          7/1
Argentina                      7/1
Basketball Men’s – Will USA and Spain meet in the finals?
Yes                              4/5
What will be the average margin of victory for the USA Men’s Basketball Team at the 2012 Olympics?
Over/Under                    25.5
What will be the largest margin of victory for the USA Men’s Basketball Team?
Over/Under                    45.5
What will be the smallest margin of victory for the USA Men’s Basketball Team?
Over/Under                    12.5
Will the USA win both the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Gold Medals?
Yes                  -600   (1/6)
No                    +400   (4/1)
Lebron James – PPG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    17
Lebron James – APG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    4.5
Lebron James – RPG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    6.5
Kobe Bryant – PPG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    13.5
Kevin Durant – PPG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    17
Carmelo Anthony – PPG for the tournament?
Over/Under                    13.5
Historical Matchups – Who will Average More Points Per Game
(Whole Tournament)
Lebron James                            -2
Michael Jordan (1992)                +2
(Note: Jordan averaged 14.9 pts per game)
Kevin Durant                              +1
Charles Barkley (1992)               -1
(Note: Barkley averaged 18 pts per game)
Kobe Bryant                              -.5      
Karl Malone (1992)                     +.5
(Note: Malone averaged 13 pts per game)
Historical Matchups – Who will Average More Assists Per Game
(Whole Tournament)
Chris Paul                                 Pick
Magic Johnson (1992)                Pick
(Note: Magic averaged 5.5 assists  per game)
Game 1 Lines
USA                 -24.5                -8000               167.5
France              +24.5                +1400
Total Points – Team USA
Total Points – Team France
Margin Of Victory
USA by 1-5                               18/1
USA by 6-10                              10/1
USA by 11-15                            6/1
USA by 16-20                            9/2
USA by 21-25                            4/1
USA by 26 or more                    1/1
France by 1-5                            50/1
France by 6-10                          200/1
France by 11-15                         250/1
France by 16-20                         300/1
France by 21-25                         350/1
France by 26 or more                 400/1

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