Bye Bye Ballhype!

This is a sad week for us here at the site. The website is now defunct. Daily Radar, which ran BallHype as well as some other variations of the service took the site offline with little to no explanation. It was a good service for blogs to get recognized and get their stories out. It was a smaller, sports version of Digg, which could be the reason why it couldn’t hang.

We met some pretty cool bloggers on the site and it helped sites like ours network with other people with the same interests. I joined BallHype a little over two years ago. I joined Twitter about the same time and I think the combo of the emergence of Twitter and the popularity of the sports section on Digg was too much for BallHype to compete with.

For the record, I’m still going to keep my little Ballhype button on the side as a memorial to the site.

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