Jim Zorn Should Be Out In Washington

We have been on the anti-Zorn bandwagon since his first game as coach last season. He looked lost and I don’t think he has completely found his niche in any aspect as a head coach in Washington. He was supposed to turn Jason Campbell into, well, Jim Zorn, and turn the offense into a threat. Neither has happened for the Redskins and they did the unthinkable today, they lost to the Lions.

The Detroit Lions lost in 19 straight games, but they came out playing very well, but let the Redskins back into it in the 4th quarter today. Jason Campbell had a shot at a throw in the endzone, but ended up trying the “always works and never miss” short pass and lateral play. Needless to say, the play didn’t work and the Lions won the game.

If you’re Daniel Snyder, there are some huge questions that need to be asked.

Is Jason Campbell your future quarterback? I don’t think so. I don’t think Colt Brennan is your answer either. But good news Redskins fans, you will have a high pick next year and have your pick of Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, or even Tim Tebow.

Is Albert Haynesworth worth all of that money when you can’t even sniff the playoffs? Again, I don’t think so. He will earn you an extra win or two, if your offense can produce, but that isn’t happening either.

Is Santana Moss and Antwan Randle-El a good #1 and #2 receiver tandem? Pick five or six teams in the NFL, now would either of these receivers be a #1 or #2 on those teams? I think they are both good #3 receivers, possible slot-receivers, but they lack size and the Steve-Smith-esque quality to just make unbelievable plays. The teams that they would be #2 receivers won are the teams that won’t be winning many games this season.

Could this be the end of the road for Clinton Portis? I know this was asked last season, but he had a good 2008-09 season, when they realized that they couldn’t pass the ball. Some new blood is needed on the offense on every level. The offensive line is decent, but everything else, except Chris Cooley, needs to be over-hauled. The players that will turn this offense around, aren’t on this roster right now.

Finally, How much longer can you keep Jim Zorn as your head coach? This guy is useless. In my pre-season predictions, I had the Redskins firing him by Week 6. I feel pretty comfortable with my prediction, especially since they just looked bad against the Lions. You play the Buccaneers at home next week, but then you play in Carolina, where you will not win. Do you wait until after next week and see if you can beat a bad Tampa Bay team, but will probably lose? Daniel Snyder pays big money for older players, but hired an inexperienced coach. I don’t get it, it should be the other way around. An experienced coach could get the most out of inexperienced players, but an inexperienced coach will get walked on by veterans. It’s a horrible combo and Zorn needs to go. He will probably be a decent quarterbacks coach somewhere in this league, but he’s over-matched in the NFL.

I don’t it a habit to call out coaches and call for their heads, I have only done this one other time. Dusty Baker is still the coach of the Reds, so I’m currently 0-1, so we’ll see if I can go .500, but I doubt that Zorn will last the season.

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