Serena Williams Loses Match, Threatens Judge

Serena Williams lost the semi-final match in the 2009 U.S. Open match because of her temper. She isn’t known for her temper, but she let it get the best of her tonight. What did Serena Williams say? Check it out with a video of the incident.

Serena Williams faulted on the serve and she tried again and she looked to have her foot on the line while serving, thus causing a double fault. It was nearing the end of the match against Kim Clijsters. The line judge instantly called the double-fault and Serena had a few words for her. I saw the replay a few times and it appears that she said “You’re dead, you’re dead!” to her, or something that looks like those words. The line judge went to the head judge and claimed that Williams threatened to kill her. Williams denied the claim, but she received a one point penalty, which caused her the match, since it was match point for Clijsters

Imagine how many time that John McEnroe threatened to kill the judges when he was playing. I never noticed that him ever getting such a penalty, but I could be wrong.

Here is the video of the Serena Williams incident.

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