The Ultimate Fantasy Sleeper: Deon Butler

I have been looking for the ultimate fantasy football sleeper. I have been looking through training camp notes, pre-season game box scores, and random internet/radio banter. I think I am ready to proclaim by choice, it’s Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver, Deon Butler. Am I crazy? Is this extremely bold? Maybe I am a little crazy, but I am not very bold with this pick, you just may not be aware.

The Seattle Seahawks have been a passing offense since Matt Hasselbeck has been the quarterback in Seattle. Was that because Mike Holmgren was calling plays? Maybe that is the case, but I don’t see them being a running offense like many analysts believe that they could be this year. It true that Jim Mora Jr. had one of the best running games when he was in Atlanta, but he had Michael Vick! People seem to forget that Vick had about 60-70 yards per game running the ball. If you add that to any marginal running attack, they would be in the top 5. Jim Mora has already spent time with the team over the last couple seasons, so I wouldn’t expect a huge change with the team this year.

When you look at Seattle’s wide receiver corps, Deon Butler looks to be the 4th or 5th option. I don’t see that being the case. I know T.J. Houshmandzadeh is probably the #1 and Deion Branch and Nate Burleson are the #2 and #3 targets. Heck, even my pick last year, Ben Obumanu is probably a good bet to see the ball some this year. Saying all of that, can you remember a year when Branch and Burleson were both healthy? They seem to be injury-prone and both are getting old. Hasselbeck has a tendency to spread the ball around, even John Carlson will be a nice late-round fantasy option this year. Bobby Engram is gone from Seattle, so he will need another option at wide-receiver, Deon Butler will be your man.

Butler was chosen in the 3rd round and many believe that this year’s wide-receiving draft class was extremely deep. I don’t see them picking him and letting him sit on the bench to season. He will be in games and he will produce. Trust me, no one will be picking him before the last round, unless you’re in a 20-team deep league. Take a chance with Butler, if he lays a goose eggs the first couple weeks, drop him and get someone proven, but he will be a low-risk/high reward receiver for your team. Seattle receivers can be a bit up and down, but stick with him if he produces early.
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