Mitch Fatel Is A Funny Dude

90% of my posts are about sports, but sometimes I notice something in music or entertainment that I have to write about. My friend Xenia got my hooked on this comedian named Mitch Fatel. She said that she just caught a show in Arizona and her face hurt from laughing so hard. I decided that I had to check him out, so I downloaded one of his albums and I listened to it twice in the first day, it was great. He’s coming to the Funny Bone here in Columbus, OH from October 1st – 4th and tickets range from $10-15 bucks. I can’t believe that they are that cheap, since Harland Williams is there next weekend and they are $25 bucks.

I’ve heard great things about the Columbus Funny Bone. They get a lot of the headlining acts and their calendar is full of great comedians week after week. Andy Dick was there about a year ago and he was arrested for pissing on some girl, or something to that nature. I’m guessing that wasn’t part of his normal act, but I could be wrong. I think I would rather be pissed on by Andy Dick than to watch an episode of “News Radio.”

Back to the subject, check out Mitch Fatel on his Comedy Central special, “Mitch Fatel Is Magical” on September 18, or go out and buy his CD, “Super Retardo.” Here are a few YouTube clips of his performances.

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