Mark Derosa Goes To The Dark Side

Mark DeRosa was a marginal baseball player with the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers. The Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, saw something in him that he liked and signed him to a 3-year/$13 million dollar contract. The signing was panned as a “bad signing” by many sports writers. They thought that the Cubs were just throwing around money to any player that they owned a glove. DeRosa soon changed the mind of many writers by have two solid seasons for the Cubs. In 2008, you could argue that he was the team’s most-valuable player. He was so versatile and could play six positions, plus hit for average and power. The Cubs needed to shed salary, so unfortunately DeRosa was the victim. They traded him to the Cleveland Indians for three minor-league pitchers. The Cubs have missed his versatility all season with injuries to both corner infield positions have cost them games.

The Indians were trying to build to win this season, but with injuries to Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner and a bullpen collapse, the Indians have been near the bottom of the Central Division all season. DeRosa has been great this season and with the Indians out of the race, nearly every contending team called about trading for him. The Indians needed bullpen help and with the St. Louis Cardinals having a surplus of relievers, the Cardinals and Indians pulled a deal that will send DeRosa to St. Louis. The Indians will receive reliever Chris Perez and the infamous “player to be named later.”

As you all know, I’m a huge Cubs fan. It’s common with Cubs fans to hate the St. Louis Cardinals, so I’m not alone. I have to be somewhat cautious with my hate these days, since my girlfriend is from St. Louis, but I have to scream from the rooftops on this one. The Cubs should have stuck with DeRosa’s salary and used him as trade bait in the middle of the season. I know if the Cubs were in the playoff hunt, the fanbase wouldn’t have accepted a DeRosa trade, but it could have helped land a cheap, young starting pitcher. I think it was a huge mistake to trade DeRosa for three mid-level, mid-ceiling, minor-league pitchers. I know their farm system is a joke and they need prospects, but they got squat in return.

I like Mark DeRosa, but I am going to have a hard time seeing him in a Cardinals jersey. I went to a Cleveland Indians game a couple weeks ago and I clapped for him when he went to bat. It’s a respect thing, but when you play for the “dark side,” the St. Louis Cardinals, you’re going to get booed from now and until you have another jersey on.

I’m sorry Mr. DeRosa, it may not be your call to go to St. Louis, but I know somewhere down the line this year, you are going to kill the Cubs. I would even boo Mrs. DeRosa, aka Heidi Miller, if I saw her on the street.

I’m sorry Mrs. DeRosa, but it has to be done.

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