Song Of The Day – Emery (The Smile, The Face)

Emery have been a staple in my music collection since I received a pre-release of their debut album, “The Weak’s End.” It was right around that time that Tooth and Nail Records switched their focus from bands like Ace Troubleshooter, Bleach, and MxPx to harder bands like Emery, Underoath, and Norma Jean. I think they helped the “screamo” genre creep into mainstream.

Emery released an EP called “When Broken Hearts Prevail.” It’s a collection of songs that sound like re-mastered B-sides from “The Question” recordings. I’m not saying that these songs aren’t as good as any tracks on “The Question,” but they are of the same ilk. I think it is an amazing EP and makes the anticipation grow for their next LP. Here is the audio of a track off of their new EP, it’s called “The Smile, The Face.” Enjoy!

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