Song Of The Day – The Color Fred (Don’t Pretend)

Fred Mascherino is best known for his work with the group Taking Back Sunday. In late 2007, he released the debut album for his side-project, “The Color Fred.” Needlesstosay, after some success with The Color Fred, he left Taking Back Sunday to focus all his time on the new project. The album “Bend To Break” is doing well and should be touring this summer in support of the album.

The Color Fred is calmer than his work with Taking Back Sunday. He is the lead singer and in TBS he was best known for yelling backing vocals. I think he has something new and refreshing with his new band and I expect some good things in the future.

I think it’s about time for Taking Back Sunday and the former members who left for Straylight Run to do something soon. Taking Back Sunday has a huge audience and Straylight Run’s last album didn’t do very well at all.

Here is a live performance of The Color Fred’s “Don’t Pretend.”

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