Chicago Finds A Coach, Finally

Vinny Del Nego was named as the coach of the Chicago Bulls. It was a long search for Chicago with names like Doug Collins and Mike D’Antoni being lead candidates at one time. D’Antoni took the job in New York and Doug Collins didn’t seem like he wanted to coach. The hire of Del Negro makes sense, but only in Chicago. The Bulls and Bears both have a long history of giving coaches their first chance. They didn’t give him a long contract (2-years) and they didn’t have to pay a huge amount to him, a classic Chicago move. He has never even called a time-out in the NBA as a coach, but for some reason I think that Del Negro will be helpful with some front office decisions, as well as coaching.

I remember when Del Negro was a player in the NBA, he kind of reminded me of Steve Nash. He was never a prolific scorer, even though he had a nice 3-point shot, but he was get in the paint and dish the ball. His style would translate in today’s game more than in the 90s when he played. I found an old youtube video of him, my favorite part is him dishing it off to Will Perdue. If anyone could make Will Perdue look good, it would be Del Negro.I have a few words of advice for Vinny Del Negro. I’m not sure if that hairstyle is going to fly in the NBA. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is blow-dryed and parted in the middle. Looks like he uses the shampoo that gives him extra body. I would lose the hair-dryer and maybe invest in some gel. He kind of reminds me of Fredo Corleone, the weaker brother in the Godfather movies. I hope he doesn’t get whacked in a boat like poor Fredo.

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