Prior Is Out For Season…Again

The San Diego Padres released a statement today that Mark Prior will have another surgery on his shoulder. This will end his attempt to pitch this season and could possibly be career-threatening. The Padres will not be sure when or if Prior will be able to return until after his surgery, which may take place this week. The last surgery that Prior had was performed by the best in the business, Dr. James Andrews. It was to correct a torn labrum, which could have been a problem since Mark Prior and Marcus Giles collided in the base-path back when Prior was with the Cubs.

Everything was looking good for Prior until two weeks ago. He felt a pop or “explosion” in his shoulder during extended spring training game for the Padres. At that time, it was looking like he would be able to return this season.

I’ve always liked Mark Prior, he was the reason the Cubs had a shot at the World Series back in 2003. I haven’t felt bad for the Cubs that they had to pay Prior while he was rehabbing at all. He wasn’t getting paid a huge contract and he deserved every penny he received while on the DL. Dusty Baker rode his arm and could possibly be credited with his early demise. I hated that the Cubs didn’t offer Prior a two-year contract, I thought he still had some promise. He will still be under contract with the Padres next year and I hope he comes back and does very well.Keep your head up Mark, I hope to see you on the field next season.

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