No EliteXC Fight Turns Me Into A Douche Bag

I’m not going to be able to watch the debut of EliteXC MMA fighting on CBS. My local CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio isn’t carrying the fight due to a Children’s Hospital telethon. I want to call up the station and raise some hell and I think that makes me a huge tool. I should be supporting the station in its cause, but c’mon! Kimbo Slice is going to tear a guy’s head off and my lady, Gina Carano, is going to look beautiful while turning a girl’s face inside-out. I can’t believe that the affiliate here is airing the telethon on the same weekend as the fight. CBS has been promoting the snot out of this for weeks and I will miss it. Gus Johnson will be announcing the fight and he will seriously lose his voice by the end of the show. Johnson goes crazy with NCAA hoops and I can only imagine his reaction to Kimbo Slice murdering another human.

There was a little hiccup with Gina Carano yesterday. She didn’t make her weight, but she will still fight, but give up a small portion of the purse. I look at pictures of her and I couldn’t place her at anything above 130, but she must be pretty tall ’cause she didn’t even make her 140 weight, she missed it by four pounds.If for some reason Kimbo Slice or Gina Carano loses each of their fights, EliteXC will be in a really bad situation. Slice is their Mike Tyson and Carano is their beauty queen who can draw in the casual viewer. I predict Slice will win in less than a minute and Carano will get a KO by the end of the first round. Let’s hope CBS will get a chance to have another Primetime MMA fight and I’ll actually get to watch it.

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