Asdrubal’s Unassisted 3-Way

The Cleveland Indians’ 2nd baseman may not be having a good season, but he did something that hasn’t been done by an Indian since Little Big Horn. Asdrubal Cabrera, which in Spanish means “pearl necklace,” but I’m only speculating on that, completed the rare unassisted triple-play. The feat was only the first time it has been done since, um, last year, but Cabrera is only the 14th person to do it. Troy Tulowitzki did it last year, but no Cleveland Indians player since 1909 accomplished the unassisted triple-play.

I know there are a million dirty things I could say about the term “unassisted triple-play” or the fact the man wears a pearl necklace everyday when he plays. I think I will leave it alone and hopefully he gets an “assisted triple-play” with two of Cleveland’s finest ladies tonight. (Once again I’m speculating, I’m not sure what Cleveland has to offer in the lady department)

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