Is Robinson Cano Alive?

Robinson Cano is named after the great Jackie Robinson, but currently Cano is batting like Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Cano is currently batting .151 and I haven’t seen any silver-lining at all. He hasn’t even had a good game this season yet, the best game was a pinch-hit homer to win a game. He was benched that game due to his slump. As you all know, I like to talk about my fantasy league team (1st place!). Anyways, Cano was a high draft pick by many and by me. He is a career .300 hitter and has pretty average power with around 20 home runs a season.

I know Cano is a slow-starter, but I really hate that excuse. If a player is known as a slow-starter, why isn’t he playing every spring training game to get his 4-5 at-bats in? Most of the slow-starters don’t like to play in colder weather, I can somewhat understand that, the ball acts differently in cold than it does in warm weather. Cano needs to carry this team now that A-Rod and Posada are out for awhile. If Cano or Melky Cabrera can’t lead this team, the Yankees are going to bury themselves too deep to catch up. I think Cano can get out of this funk, but I don’t see him making the All-Star team this season. He has a lot of work to do if he wants to be mentioned in the same sentence as Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter.

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