Song Of The Day – The Promise Ring (Stop Playing Guitar)

I picked this song of the day ’cause I have been reading a book by Andy Greenwald called “Nothing Feels Good.” The title of the book was taken from The Promise Ring album of the same name. The Promise Ring was one of those bands that kind of slipped through the cracks of the mid-late 90s emo movement. If you ask any pop punk/emo group that made it big around 2000 or after they will probably credit The Promise Ring as an influence.

“Stop Playing Guitar” was on the “Wood/Water” album that came out in 2002. At that same time, Jimmy Eat World was blowing up with “Bleed American” and The Promise Ring was officially under the radar once again. I think “Wood/Water” is an excellent album, even though the material is more sad than earlier albums, I think it is their best work.

In this post you have learned two things.
1. I read books
2. I cry a lot (hence the emo knowledge)

Here’s the video for “Stop Playing Guitar”

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