Song Of The Day – Justin Nozuka (After Tonight)

I hate to admit it, but I watch VH1 sometimes late at night. It is a pretty bad choice, but sometimes it is the only channel that is showing something new at 4am, which is usually a couple hour block of music videos. I was up pretty late a few nights ago and a “You Ought To Know” artist video was about to come on and it was Justin Nozuka’s “After Tonight.” I sat there during the whole video and I really liked what I watched/viewed.

From what I know about the guy, he’s 18 and sounds a lot like Jack Johnson/Matt Costa. I think he should sell quite a few albums since the chill/acoustic/surfer jam music has been doing well the last couple years. I think everyone should check out this song and make an opinion for yourself…or just trust mine and say you like him, that would work.

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