Song Of The Day – Mayday Parade (When I Get Home You’re So Dead)

Mayday Parade has been touring non-stop over the last 2 years. If you like the pop-punk/emo genre, chances are this band has opened up for one of your favorite bands. They have been in Columbus at least 5 times over the past year. I have yet to see them and I regret it since tickets aren’t exactly going to break the bank.

I was a big fan of their EP and that’s how I first heard of them. They have released their debut full-length album about a year ago and they were also featured on the “Punk Goes Acoustic 2” compilation. Fearless Records, their record label, has been smart with all of the bands on their roster. They get them out there touring and feature them on their popular “Punk Goes” compilation series. Sugarcult and Plain White T’s are two bands that went on to do great things after signing with Fearless.

Check out the song “When I Get Home You’re So Dead”

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