The Twins Are Growing Up

Robin and Brook Lopez, the 7-foot tall twins from Stanford, decided to make a joint-decision and declare themselves eligible for the NBA Draft. Brook, who is by far the better of the two, had a breakout year and was the leader of the Stanford Cardinal. Robin, the shaggy-haired twin, was a nice compliment player that could probably benefit by staying in college. Robin would be the lone big-man down low and the spotlight would shine bright.

Remember the last twins Stanford had? Jason and Jerrod Collins?Jarron, who plays for the Utah Jazz, and Jason, who was recently traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, are still playing in the NBA. A lot of hype came their way as they went into the NBA Draft. Jason has had marginal success with the New Jersey Nets, but Jarron has been a bench-fixture since his arrival in Utah. The Collins twins have struggled in the NBA at times and would benefit playing on the same team.

Brook is a projected lottery pick and the jury is still out on Robin. It would be beneficial for the team who drafts Brook, to put themselves in a position to pick up Robin in the mid-to-late 2nd round. If you have both of them, I think you would be setting yourself to be a force with rebounds and inside-defense.

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