Going Through NCAA Withdraw?

After four days filled with the drama of March Madness, you could be lost without anything to watch on television tonight. You could watch boring NIT games, but you can’t go from games that mean the world to games that mean nothing. Mondays are usually decent nights to waste a few hours in front of the idiot box. Here is a list of programs to soothe your NCAA addiction.

All Times Are Eastern
4:30pm – Jim Rome Is Burning (ESPN)
5:00pm – Around The Horn (ESPN)
5:30pm – Pardon The Interruption (ESPN)
6:00pm – Stump The Schwab (ESPN Classic)
6:30pm – Stump The Schwab (ESPN Classic)
7:00pm – Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel)
8:00pm – Good Eats (Food Network)
8:30pm – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
9:00pm – Two And A Half Men (CBS)
9:00pm – WWE Monday Night Raw (USA)
*I know I added two 9pm shows, but WWE is something that you can switch away from frequently and watch other things during boring matches

A few of these shows are sports oriented, but you can’t quit sports cold turkey.

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