Song Of The Day – Millencolin (Detox)

I’ve been a fan of Millencolin since I saw them play at Warped Tour in 2000. I went to the Chicago stop on the tour and they were the first band we saw there and my jaw hit the ground. They are originally from Sweden, but grew up listening to American punk rock while they skateboarded. Millencolin are known for their catchy hooks and Nikola Sarcevic’s smooth voice. Sarcevic has recently put out two solo albums that are great. He went out on a limb with a singer/songwriter folk style, but they are both a must-have in your collection.

I have had email correspondence with Sarcevic in the past. I know he really big into chess. He still currently lives in Sweden, but tours with Millencolin frequently in the U.S. Their new cd, “Machine 15,” comes out in mid-May.

Here is Millencolin – “Detox,” it’s the first single off their new record.

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