Why Your Team Didn’t Win The Super Bowl – NFC

Everyone has a team that they are loyal towards and most fans had their dreams crushed at some point this season. Some teams had a tough defeat in the playoffs and some teams never really had any shot at the Super Bowl. It was a long season with many ups and downs and some team’s seasons could have been salvaged by one single play that didn’t go their way or a string of bad GM decisions. Here are the reasons why your NFC team didn’t win the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals – They thought the Super Bowl was only 58 minutes long. I can’t imagine how it feel to be Kurt Warner. He has been on the sideline while two, almost all three, of his Super Bowls were lost.

Atlanta Falcons – They were just happy to make the playoffs, but when they got there, they didn’t give Arizona any credit. The Falcons should be good for years, they won’t make this mistake again.

Carolina Panthers – They thought that Jake Delhomme was good enough to still be their quarterback. Like the Falcons mistake, they probably won’t make this mistake again.

Chicago Bears – They depend on a quarterback who thinks a neckbeard is fashionable. I know Rex Grossman isn’t any better, but they had a chance to trade for Donavon McNabb at some point last off-season and didn’t do it.

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo met Jessica Simpson. I know this didn’t happen this season, but seems like all the tabloid coverage has really hurt his on-field ability to win games.

Detroit Lions – Barry Sanders retired. It has been that long since the words Lions and playoffs have been in the sentence or paragraph.

Green Bay Packers – They let the Brett Favre saga drag on for too long. All the drama that surrounded the Packers was counter-productive to their growth as a team.

Minnesota Vikings – They have no other offense weapons other than Adrian Peterson. I know Visanthe Shiancoe has a weapon, but we can’t talk about that on this blog.

New Orleans Saints – They drafted Reggie Bush. That draft choice should have went towards a defensive player, in hindsight, but aren’t we all a genius when hindsight is in involved?

New York Giants – Plaxico Burress bought a gun. If Plax didn’t shoot himself, I’m sure that they would have beat the Eagles in the playoffs. Hixon couldn’t handle the burden of being the #1 receiver.

Philadelphia Eagles – Donovan McNabb’s conditioning. It is a trend that McNabb becomes gassed as the game goes on. He can’t finish games and needs to lose the extra 20 pounds of Chunky Soup weight he has put on over the last few seasons.

San Francisco 49ers – Mike Nolan was their coach at the beginning of the year. Mike Singletary proved his worth as a coach and will be the best sound bite in the NFL over the next few years.

Seattle Seahawks – Their entire offense was in the hospital by Week 3. Not only was their entire receiving squad on injury report, but Matt Hasselbeck barely played.

St. Louis Rams – Orlando Pace retired. Pace was a major reason for all the success the Rams had during their prime. He kept the quarterback upright and once he was gone, Bulger was eating more grass than a cow.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The team was distracted by Jeff Garcia’s hot wife. I can’t think of any real reason why they didn’t even make the playoffs, but they collapsed the last few weeks of the season. Jon Gruden wished he knew the reason too, he may still have his job.

Washington Redskins – They hired Jim Zorn. The first game of the year, they were killed by the Giants, then they went on a run, but then they hit a wall. Zorn is probably the least qualified to be a head coach and his play-calling was mind-boggling at times.

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