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Online Distraction Tactics 101 (That Don’t involve Social Media)

Your phone and laptop are the perfect ways to escape the reality of a job you hate right now or a situation that’s been playing on your mind. However, social media may have a major part to play in whatever’s grating on you, and it can be difficult to ignore when you’ve got a load of notifications popping up on your screen regularly. Therefore you might want to consider some other methods to distract your busy mind, and relax for a while; the following are some ideas and links to get you started on the road to chill.

Watch Stuff

Who needs a T.V. when you’ve got all the latest shows, pranks, and vlogs, on the internet. There are plenty of options that require you to pay, like Netflix; however, there’s plenty of free entertainment online too. YouTube shows content and music videos specifically made for that platform; it also has an array of past show episodes and older movies too. Check out 10 of the best YouTube channels here: https://www.thetoptens.com/best-youtube-channels/. You could spend a rainy afternoon watching something hilarious, instead of worrying about when a certain person is going to reply to your Whatsapp message.

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