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Fresno State Has A Baseball Team

When I think of Fresno State, I think of Trent Dilfer and the Jerry Tarkanian. I never associate the school with winning championships, well except the 1998 women’s softball championship (I had to actually google to find that). They won the College World Series tonight against Georgia, 6-1. The Fresno State Bulldogs were 47-31 and had to win the WAC tournament to even make the playoffs. In NCCA Men’s Basketball terms, they were this year’s Mount St. Mary’s, but instead of losing to North Carolina in the first round, they won the whole thing.

Fresno State was actually listed in the Pre-season Top 25, but they started out the season losing 12 of its first 20 games. Injuries plagued them this year and they underperformed, well until the last month when it really counted.

Congratulations to Fresno State, I would have never thought the college could do something that would trump Jerry Tarkanian chewing on a towel.

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