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"The Bodyguard" (Not Starring Whitney Houston)

Pacman, I mean, Adam Jones seems to be in trouble with the NFL. I am not quite sure what the problem is, I really don’t at all. Allegedly, Pacman and a bodyguard that was hired to keep him out of trouble, got in a tussle in a hotel bathroom. They went to a Ludacris concert and there is a possibility of some alcohol being involved. I’m still not seeing a problem here.

A mirror was broken in the bathroom and no charges were filed and a police report wasn’t even written. The bodyguard and Jones was said to be goofing around and then suddenly things went bad and that’s when the argument/girl fight occurred.

I have a few problems with this even being a story. First of all, this bodyguard was working for the Dallas Cowboys to watch over Pacman. I am only assuming, but I hope this dude was either as big or bigger than an O-Lineman. Secondly, if this dude was big, and I’m pretty sure he had to be, how was this even a fight? Pacman is 5’9 at best and couldn’t weigh more than 200 lbs. I know he has some “street” in him, but was he packing a weapon to even make it a fair fight? I want to see a picture of the bodyguard and that would pretty much end the conversation. If the bodyguard couldn’t take care of a short cornerback, how could he hope to guard him from anyone of average stature and weight? Was this bodyguard Tony Mandarich or Robert Gallery? Anyone could get buy those guys.

I want everyone to stop talking about this story. Pacman Jones, yes I said it, is an average defensive back and doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things for the Cowboys. He is an excellent returner, but he isn’t even doing that for Dallas, Felix Jones has that job. Jerry Jones shouldn’t worry about Pacman and if anything remotely happens like this again, I hope he cuts him. They are going to battle this season to earn a playoff spot. The NFC East is a beast and one of those teams won’t make the playoffs and all these distractions will only hurt the team.

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