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Song Of The Day – John Legend ft. Andre 3000 (Green Light)

John Legend has always been one of those acts that I couldn’t ever get into. It seems like most of his influences come from early r&b and gospel music, two styles I haven’t really embraced coming from a white, rather hillbilly upbringing in Indiana. I do like Andre 3000, Outkast is probably one of my all-time favorite hip-hop acts. About the only time I ever pay attention to John Legend is when he’s a guest on either “Real Time with Bill Maher,” a show I watch religiously, “The Daily Show,” or “The Colbert Report.” He is a very open democrat and is very driven by his views of politics. He’s a smart guy and I love his new song, “Green Light.”

John Legend will need to make more tracks like “Green Light” to stay relevant in the mainstream, since most of his work is critically-acclaimed, it doesn’t always correlate to high album sales. His new album, “Evolver,” came out recently and it getting the usual love from the critics. I haven’t been able to get a copy of it yet, but I am already down on the album a little since 311 came out with an album with the same title a few years ago.

I’m sure “Evolver” will do very well and hopefully there will be a few more tracks like “Green Light” to really get the buzz growing about John Legend. Here is the video for “Green Light.”

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