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45 Bands You’ll Know After SXSW: Part 3

This is the final part of my three-part post featuring artists that will breakout of SXSW with a lot of buzz. A lot of musicians play at SXSW in hopes of showcasing their talents in front of the music industry elite. I posted the first 15 bands on Wednesday and the second 15 bands yesterday.. I will introduce (or re-introduce) you to ’45 Bands That You’ll Know After SXSW.’ Here’s the third group of 15 bands that you’ll hear more about in the near future.

Band – Reptar
Song – ‘Blast Off’
Sounds Like: Active Child, ANR, & STRFKR

After touring extensively since they released their “Oblangle Fizz Y’all” EP, they announced that their full-length debut will drop in May. The group received some attention from ‘Rolling Stone.’ Their “dance synth pop anthems” will get you moving.

Band – Seryn
Song – ‘River Song’
Sounds Like: The Sound Of Growing Up, Josh Garrels, & Doug Burr

I decided to link the song to Seryn’s SXSW performance at the PASTE Magazine Show. They have such a smooth sound by melting guitar, ukuleke, kalimba, accordion, and viola in a good portion of their tracks. They hail from Denton, Texas and are bound to make noise in the rest of the country soon.

Band – Wonder Villains
Song – ‘Ferrari’
Sounds Like: The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, & Sahara Hotnights

‘The Irish Times’ described them as “Fizzy, high-energy indie pop,” and it is hard to come up with a better description of Wonder Villains. They are a Northern Ireland band that’s starting to go places. They played BBC’s ‘Radio One Big Weekend’ and ended up touring with bands like The Human League and Scouting For Girls. A lot of people will notice them in Austin and will make a splash in the American market.

Band – We Were Evergreen
Song – ‘Baby Blue’
Sounds Like: Michael Kiwanuka, Little Dragon, & Elephanz

This French band was brought together by a shared fondness of all kinds of pop music and nursery rhymes. The Parisian trio’s music ranges from electro-pop to a stripped-down folk sensibility…with a use of a ukulele (seems like a theme at SXSW this year). They have toured in the UK with Michael Kiwanuka, King Charles, and Charlie Simpson.

Band – Stepdad
Song – ‘My Leather, My Fur, My Nails’
Sounds Like: Young Empires, Darwin Deez, & Passion Pit

This band have toured a lot in the Midwest and a lot of my friends love them andf have a following in Columbus, Ohio. In 2010, they released their debut EP, “Ordinaire.” They have recorded their debut album with producer Chris Zane, who is known for his work with Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, & The Walkmen.

Band – Yellow Ostrich
Song – ‘Marathon Runner’
Sounds Like: CANT, Peter Wolf Crier, & Young Buffalo

Yellow Ostrich started because of a DIY attitude. Alex Schaaf (lead singer) recorded some tracks and released them on Bandcamp. He hooked some people on his work and the band started in a very organic way. Barsuk re-released “The Mistriss” with it remastered and added some new tracks. This band will make a splash after SXSW.

Band – Saint Motel
Song – ‘Puzzle Pieces’
Sounds Like: Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, & Vacationer

The buzz for Saint Motel started with energetic live performances. They built a formidable reputation with fun, inventive indie pop live shows. They have a surprisingly avant-garde lyrical subject matter. They are mostly tongue-in-cheek, but often “perceived as sexy with one listen.” Their rapturous sound will be heard in more places than Austin after SXSW.

Band – Right Away, Great Captain!
Song – ‘Memories From A Shore’
Sounds Like: Manchester Orchestra, Kevin Devine, & Brand New

Right Away, Great Captain! is the side-project of Andy Hull, who is the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra. He has released some stuff in the past, but a lot of his audience are hardcore Manchester Orchestra fans. A strong performance at SXSW will get his side-project’s name out there and he will have something like Dallas Green’s City and Colour, which was his side-project during Alexisonfire.

Band – The Hounds Below
Song – ‘For You And I’
Sounds Like: Snow Patrol, The Script, & OneRepublic,

The Hounds Below is a Detroit band that have a lot of different influences. They admit that they listen to everything from Phoenix to Buddy Holly. The first time I heard them, it sounds like Morrissey was playing with Snow Patrol. Jason Stollsteimer’s voice has an eerie resemblance to the former lead singer of The Smiths. They have a uniqueness that lack in some of the bands that I mentioned in the “sounds like” section.

Band – Oh No Oh My
Song – ‘Walking Into Me’
Sounds Like: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Say Hi, & Tapes ‘N Tapes

The band started in Austin, Texas in 2004, but have only released a total of two full-length albums and an EP. They have toured extensively and only took time off to record those albums. They have went all over Europe and accrued a nice following over there, but yet to really pop in their home country. Their latest album, “People Problems,” came out in January of 2011.

Band – The Chain Gang Of 1974
Song – ‘Hold On’
Sounds Like: The New Divison, Reptar, & MGMT

Kamtin Mohager had an epiphany when it watched the final scene of the movie ‘Real Genius.’ That is the part where “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” kicks in and it changed his life. He made it a goal to be able to sing along to that track. He kind of overshot his goal. His style mixes a lot of genres, since critics have compared him to everything from LCD Soundsystem to The Talking Heads. He’s a very talented guy and you’ll be hearing more about him in the future.

Band – Tiago Iorc
Song – ‘Story Of A Man’
Sounds Like: Nick Drake, Matt White, & John Mayer

Iorc is a Brazilian born musician that spent time in England and the United States. He sounds a lot like 90’s American singer/songwriters and has a stripped-down acoustic sound. His music teeters between somber and sweet, which leads the listener on an emotional journey. His sounds will work in the U.S. market, just he hasn’t had much of a shot yet.

Band – U.S. Royalty
Song – ‘Equestrian’
Sounds Like: Band Of Horses, Local Natives, & Capital Cities

U.S. Royalty formed in 2008 in the Washington D.C. area. They built the band around lifelong musicians collaboration of brothers John and Paul Thornley. They used to practice in an abandoned trailer in rural Maryland. They have made appearances at NXNe, CMJ, and past SXSW music festivals. The buzz is growing for the band and will soon hit an apex, once more new material is released.

Band – You Say France & I Whistle
Song – ‘When Lovers Die’
Sounds Like: Two Door Cinema Club, Black Kids, & Violent Femmes

The band states that they formed the band out of necessity. The cold Swedish winters are brutal and they wanted to share colorfulness that could spread throughout the people. They live show incorporates hugs, energetic frustration, and love. They are a fun band that have a full-length album hitting the U.S. market this Spring.

Band – V For Volume
Song – ‘Cheap Universe’
Sounds Like: The Birthday Massacre, Metro Station, & Paramore

This is the first Colombian band to make the list, but they don’t fit into the normal group that hail from that country. The members of V For Volume all used to be in metal bands. Their current sound is far from that, since it is a mixture of Paramore and The Bravery. The band’s debut album, “Providence,” came out this month, so check it out on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

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