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NFL Football – Week 3 Betting Picks

There are some nice NFL games out there to bet on this week. I see a few must-bet games out there and even a few upsets in Week 3’s games. Can the Jets keep up their winning ways? Are the Panthers really that bad? Are the Lions ready to win a game? Here are my picks against the spread for the NFL games in Week 3 of the season.

I don’t think home-field advantage is as important so far this season as it has been in the past. It will change later on in the season when snow and heavy winds may sway the momentum of the game. This early in the season, teams are still tweaking with the offense and many lack an identity. The good teams will win on the road and the bad teams will lose at home.

Tennessee Titans (+3) at New York Jets (-3)My pick is Tennessee

The Titans have lost two close games against potential playoff teams this season and they have a very potent offense. The Jets have beaten two potential playoff teams, but won those games. If the Titans lose this game, their season could seem to be over, so they are desperate for a win. The Jets beat the Patriots and they will not be as pumped up as last week. The Titans will win this game in a close one.

Cleveland Browns (+13) at Baltimore Ravens (-13)My pick is Baltimore

I know that 13 points are a lot for a game between two NFL teams, but at this point, the Browns barely qualify as an NFL team. Baltimore have looked great and they have an offense this season. Joe Flacco will have a big game and cover the spread.

New York Giants (-6.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+6.5)My pick is New York Giants

It doesn’t seem like home-field advantage means a lot this season so far, if you take away the Patriots/Jets game last week, I can’t think of a game that it mattered. The Giants are a better team than the Bucs and Leftwich will be on his back most of the game. The Giants will get their running attack going and cover the spread.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5) at Houston Texans (-3.5)My pick is Houston

Jacksonville aren’t anything near the team that made the playoffs two seasons ago and the Texans looked great against the Titans last week. Jones-Drew may have a good game, but I like the spread in this game and think Houston will win by at least a touchdown.

Sam Francisco (+6.5) at Minnesota Vikings (-6.5)My pick is Minnesota

The Vikings can stop the run and at this point the 49ers can only run the ball. It sounds like a simple pick, the Vikings will ride Adrian Peterson to a victory and cover the spread.

Atlanta Falcons (+4) at New England Patriots (-4)My pick is Atlanta

Tom Brady is skittish in the pockets and their defense lacks playmakers, it could be a long season in New England. Matt Ryan went to Boston College and it is a little homecoming for him. I see him have a big game and targeting Tony Gonzalez all game long. I like the Falcons not only to take the points, but to win the game.

Washington Redkins (-6.5) at Detroit Lions (-14)My pick is Detroit

It has been 19 games since Detroit has won a game and this one could be winnable for the Lions. Washington looks confused out there and their offense is stagnant. If the Lions can get a couple turnovers, they can win the game. If they can’t win the game, the Redskins barely squeak by, but give me the points and the Lions.

Green Bay Packers (-6.5) at St. Louis Rams (+6.5)My pick is Green Bay

St. Louis looks like they could be this year’s Detroit Lions. I haven’t seen one good thing about that team. The Packers have revamped their defense and Marc Bulger will have a long day. The Packers will win this game easily and cover the spread.

Chicago Bears (-2) at Seattle (+2)My pick is Chicago

It’s official, I have picked the entire NFC North to win against the spread this week. Frank Gore ran all over Seattle last week and it looks like they will be without Matt Hasselbeck this week. Qwest Field is an extremely tough place to play, but Matt Forte will carry this team and win this game by at least a field goal.

New Orleans Saints (-6) at Buffalo Bills (+6)My pick is New Orleans

The Saints have put up some ridiculous offensive numbers the past two weeks and the Bills have looked good. This line is pretty close to where I believe the score may be, but I feel that the Saints will be able to win this game by more than 6 points. They will be one-dimensional, with their running backs banged up, but Brees is a special player and it won’t matter.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-4) at Cincinnati Bengals (+4)My pick is Pittsburgh

The Steelers own the Ohio teams and it doesn’t matter that this game is being play in Cincinnati. The stadium will be filled with Steeler fans and I see Willie Parker finally have a good game against the Bengals defense. The Steelers win this game easily and cover the spread.

Denver Broncos (-1.5) at Oakland Raiders (+1.5)My pick is Oakland

Denver is 2-0, but they played the Browns and Bengals, while Oakland is 1-1 and could have beaten the Chargers if they didn’t lose their minds the last 5 minutes of the game. I believe Oakland will win this game and they will keep feeding the ball to Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

Miami Dolphins (+5.5) at San Diego Chargers (-5.5)My pick is San Diego

The Chargers will be out for blood this weekend after losing to the Ravens last week and squeaking out a win against Oakland. The Dophins ran the wildcat, but it wasn’t enough to win against Indianapolis. The wildcat will not work against the Chargers defense and they will have a hard time scoring points. The Chargers will win this game big and could embarrass the Dolphins.

Indianapolis Colts (+2.5) at Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)My pick is Indianapolis

The Colts are 2-0, but the games have been close. Arizona lost to a possibly good 49ers team, but bounced back and embarrassed Jacksonville last week. The Cardinals are good at home, but they have trouble with non-divisional teams. I like the Colts to go to Arizona and win this game, Boldin isn’t 100% and Tim Hightower is not an every-down back.

Carolina Panthers (+8.5) at Dallas Cowboys (-8.5)My pick is Carolina

Dallas is on Monday Night Football and Tony Romo have had some rough games on Mondays. “The Death Star,” the Dallas Cowboys stadium’s nicknamed by Bill Simmons, could be a bad luck charm, since Carolina will be desperate and show up to play. Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams will have big games and make this game close. Give me Carolina and the points in this game.

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.

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