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Lebron James Is Gollum

After the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Los Angeles Lakers by 50+, Lebron James decided to turn to his Twitter account to vent his anger. He tweeted that Karma’s a bitch. I know things didn’t end well with James and his old team, but to go the “drunk tweet”-like route, was a bit uncalled for. I am now convinced that Lebron James is turning into Gollum, from “Lord Of The Rings.” King James is even losing his hair…yep, I went there. What else can James do to complete his transoformation?

I guess before I go neck-deep in nerdy “Lord Of The Rings” talk, let me explain Gollum. He’s was a character first introduced in “The Hobbit” as “Smeagol.”┬áHe was later referred to as “Gollum,” because of a throat sound he made. He has a split-personality, so when he’s “Smeagol,” he thinks of good things and has good intentions, but when he’s “Gollum,” all he wants is the ring. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

When Lebron James was “Smeagol,” he was fun-loving, pretended to take pictures with his teammates before games, and was loved by all. His greed and lust for a ring has turned him into “Gollum.” He wants nothing to do with his fun-loving past and all he is focused on is his lust for a ring. I am guessing that he hates short guys with big feet, or Stan Van Gundy, who could possibly get in his way of winning a championship.

As you can tell, Gollum is lacking a lot of hair. We know that Lebron James took his talents to South Beach, but he left his hairline in Cleveland. I give it three years and he will look more like the “Lord Of The Rings” character…and he may still not have a ring.
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