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Ryan Braun Is Milwaukee’s Best

The Milwaukee Brewers should think about starting Ryan Braun’s season in mid-May every season. They called him up last year in mid-May for his rookie season and he hit the cover off the ball for the rest of the season. He won the National League Rookie Of the Year award easily and helped the Brewers to their best record since Robin Yount wore yellow and blue. Braun’s 2008 season wasn’t anything spectacular, until this week. He has hit six homers and batted over .500 over the past week.

As a Cubs fan, this is something I didn’t want to see from Braun. As a fan of the game of baseball, I love it. I think the baseball needs a few more young players that could possibly carry the game like Lebron James and Sidney Crosby does for their sport.

Braun signed an extension this week that will keep him in Milwaukee until Miley Cyrus is cold enough to buy alcohol. I think it is good to see some of the smaller market teams invest in their younger talent, rather than trade them before their contracts end for new prospects. If the Brewers can hang onto their core players from this young team, they will be a force in the National League and could contend make Milwaukee relive their past success with homegrown talent (Paul Molitor and Robin Yount).

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