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Idolizing – Aziz Ansari

If you’re a fan of funny stand-up comedy and/or great television, you are familiar with Aziz Ansari. He’s the fourth installment of my “Idolizing” series. The first three posts were about Chuck KlostermanChuck Klosterman (again), & the McRib sandwich.…I am sure that Mr. Ansari is glad to be in this group.

I don’t want this post to read like his Wikipedia page, but here’s the lowdown on him. He plays Tom Haverford on NBC’s Parks & Recreation and he has appeared on the big screen in Funny People and 30 Minutes or Less. He is a working stand-up comedian and has a successful comedy album under his belt (Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening). He even made a cameo in Jay-Z & Kanye West’s music video for Otis. Here is why idolize Aziz Ansari and what he has coming out in the near future.

I’m a big fan of Parks & Rec and I’m exactly sure why I haven’t written a hundred posts about Ron Swanson. Ansari steals the show with his facial expressions, faux-pimp swag, and for his anti-stereotypical portrayal of an Indian-American. My favorite episode is when Tom Haverford describes his nicknames for everyday food (which sparked up its own parody website). Guys in their late-20s and early 30s can relate to Mr. Haverford. He has a quasi-important 9 to 5 job, doesn’t have much game with women, and he yearns for a life of luxury. Continue reading

The Mustache Is Back!

Jason Giambi hasn’t exactly been doing great in the 2nd half this season. I think I may have jinxed him in one of my “Fantasy God” posts. I have him on both of my fantasy baseball teams, but here lately, I have been benching him. He shaved off his mustache a few weeks ago, but I was watching the Yankees/Red Sox game yesterday and I noticed that the mustache was back and looking good. He did end up hitting a homer in last night’s game, but it was a meaningless solo shot very late in the game.

Giambi had more of an impact in today’s game against the Red Sox. He hit a pinch-hit 2-run homer in the 7th inning to tie up the game 2-2. Later in the game he hit a walk-off single that score the winning run. I know the Yankees may almost be mathematically out of the running for the post-season (okay, I know they aren’t, but the Rays, Red Sox, White Sox, and Twins are playing very well), but the Yankees are making thing interesting.

The Yankees do play the Red Sox again later in the season and could squeak in if either one of the Sox teams or Rays fall off. Derek Jeter has never been sitting at home in October and I feel that he will be very motivated and get his team start playing like a normal Yankees team.

The mustache is back, now if I can only get McDonalds to bring back the McRib.

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Idolizing – McRib

My “Idolizing” section was meant for people who are innovative or whose career I wish I had. I will make this exception and put the McRib in my Idolizing section of the site.

I think the McRib is one of those things you want when you can’t get one, but when they are available, you get one here and there. I’m still not sure why McDonalds doesn’t add the sandwich to their regular menu. I’m sure they could replace the Filet O’Fish and no one would even notice. Do you know anyone who has ordered a fish sandwich at McDonalds in the last ten years? I’ll wait…I didn’t think so. Continue reading