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Song Of The Day – Archie Star (Let’s Get Married)

Archie Star is a myspace music sensation from the northside of Chicago. They grew a fanbase with myspace and despite not putting out an album, they made it on the myspace music compilation put out on Myspace Records. They have well over 2 million plays on Myspace and two songs (“Let’s Get Married” and “Apologies on Napkins”) that I listen to regularly. They are set to release any album in August and I can’t wait.

I admit that I kind of have a stalker crush on Ria D’Andrea, one of the singer of Archie Star. It only grew once I found out that she was a Cubs fan.

Their music sounds like a mix of Secondhand Serenade, early Dashboard Confessional, and Gavin Degraw. I think if you are a fan of any of those bands, you will enjoy Archie Star.

Here is a little youtube video with lyrics for “Let’s Get Married.”

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