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2016 MLB Season Preview: Boston Red Sox

David Price Boston Red Sox 2016 MLB season preview america's white boyThe AL East can be a cut-throat division. The Yankees and Red Sox battled back and forth the last decade. The Orioles, Rays and Blue Jays have had competitive seasons during that span too, but Boston and New York always seem to bounce back quick if they have a bad season.

Boston has been known to make bold moves. The boldest move this offseason was when they made a Godfather offer to David Price. The rumor is their offer was much, much bigger than any other offer. I guess the Red Sox didn’t want to lose out on Price to the Yankees or another American League contender.

Will Boston trade for another starting pitcher before the trade deadline?

Here is the 2016 MLB season preview for the Boston Red Sox.

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America’s White Boy’s 2015 MLB Un-All-Star Team

Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals 2015 Un-All-Star Team America's White BoyIt has become a yearly tradition that we look at all the former MLB All-Stars (and a few guys we expected more out of this year) that aren’t having stellar years.

The season is a little more than half over and it’s not too late for some of these players to bounce back and turn their seasons around.

Since I’m an active fantasy baseball owner, it didn’t take me long to make this list. A few of these guys were on my teams early this season, but were quickly dropped after a few weeks of bad numbers. I spent most of my time just baffled that some of these guys were actually All-Stars at one point.

The old benchmark for an All-Star was thrown out with the bathwater when Bud Selig decided each team must have at least one representative in the All-Star Game.

Here is America’s White Boy‘s 2015 MLB Un-All-Star team.

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2015 MLB Team Preview: Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox 2015 mlb team preview funny weird shirtless fanBoston went from worst to first to win the World Series…and then went back to worst last season. They dumped Jon Lester and John Lackey at the trade deadline and then added Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval this offseason.

Boston knows the key to competing year after year in the AL East is to adapt and change what is not working. They realized last year was a wash, so they dumped contracts in hopes of landing some pieces they could flip in return. They turned Yoenis Cespedes (who they got back in the Lester trade) into Rick Porcello.

Will Boston instantly regret giving Pablo Sandoval a huge contract?

Here is the 2015 MLB season preview for the Boston Red Sox.

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2014 MLB Team Preview: Boston Red Sox

Hot Boston Red Sox Fan 2014 MLB Team PreviewBoston went from worst to first to win the World Series. It’s hard to believe that this time last year, we were still talking about ‘chicken and beer’. Manager John Farrell turned around the team at a wicked fast rate.

The Red Sox now have a target on their backs. They will get the best effort from their opponents in every game. The Yankees and Rays are extra hungry to knock off the defending champs.

Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Will Middlebrooks, players who have yet to live up to their hype, will be asked to play everyday. Is Boston asking too much?

Here is the 2014 MLB season preview for the Boston Red Sox.

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2013 MLB Team Preview: Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox fans wish they could erase the 2012 from the record books. The season had every problem imaginable. Manager Bobby Valentine ripped players in the media and lost the team early, veteran mainstays like Josh Beckett and Kevin Youkilis was sent packing and prized offseason signings from a year ago were send to the Dodgers in an epic salary dump.

The Red Sox are a much different team than took the field on Opening Day last season. That’s good and bad news for Red Sox Nation.

Will Jacob Ellsbury regain his MVP-caliber 2011 form?

Can new manager John Farrell get the pitching staff straightened out or will they have to make more trades?

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2009 Un-All-Star Team – Revisited

Back in the middle of June, I made a list of players who should have better numbers, but off to a bad start. My 2009 Un-All-Star Team had all of the usual suspects, Ortiz, A-Rod, Lidge, etc. Check to see who made the team and see how they fared since I posted this in June.

Some of these players helped their team make the playoffs, while others are the reasons their teams didn’t live up to their potential. I vote the few Chicago Cubs that made the list as my person Least Valuable Players on my Un-All-Star team.

The Batting Average next to the players names were as of June 21st, 2009.

Kelly Shoppach .194 – currently at .223 – He never got it together this season
Dioner Navarro .218 – currently at .219 – Seems like he’s been consistently bad
Geovany Soto .222 – currently at .219 – He’s been on the DL on and off all season

First Base
Conor Jackson .182 – currently at .182 – He been on the DL all 2nd-half of the season
Carlos Guillen .200 – currently at .258 – He’s the definition of a 2nd-half player
Chris Davis .200 – currently at .229 – He’s a strikeout machine
Jason Giambi .212 – currently at .206 – Giambi is now on the Rockies, but eating some bench
Lance Berkman .241 – currently at .269 – He turned his season around, a bit

Second Base
Alexi Casilla .180 – currently at .196 – Not good, not at all
Dan Uggla .216 – currently at .238 – He has power, but swings at anything
Howie Kendrick .231 – currently at .298 – Has had a great August, finally found his swing
Kelly Johnson .227 – currently at .220 – He lost his starting job

Third Base
Garrett Atkins .205 – currently at .222 – Lost his starting job and barely plays
Alex Rodriguez .212 – currently at .285 – His hip has healed up nicely

Mike Aviles .183 – currently at .183 – Has been on the DL since June
Khalil Greene .213 – currently .204 – Seldomly used on the St. Louis bench
Jimmy Rollins .223 – currently at .247 – His power came back with his swing
Orlando Cabrera .235 – currently at .276 – Has had a fantastic 2nd half with Minnesota

Ken Griffey Jr. .220 – currently at .214 – It might be time to hang it up, Junior
Grady Sizemore .223 – currently at .248 – The Indians have already shut him down
Alfonso Soriano .229 – currently at .241 – Back on the DL again for Fonzie
B.J. Upton .229 – currently at .238 – Has started off bad and never got it
Ryan Ludwick .234 – currently at .270 – Once Holliday arrived, he started to hit
Pat Burrell .236 – currently at .225 – Overpaid and Underwhelming

Designated Hitter
David Ortiz .207 – currently at .235 – At least his power came back

Starting Pitchers
Chien-Ming Wang 12.30 – currently at 9.64 – He came down with a “mysterious injury”
Oliver Perez 9.97 – currently at 6.82 – He was really, really bad this season
Scott Kazmir 7.69 – currently at 5.06 – Pitched much better since trade to Angels
Fausto Carmona 7.42 – currently at 6.62 – He’s better, but still bad
Ricky Nolasco 7.15 – currently at 5.28 – Nolasco has been good at random times
Andy Sonnanstine 6.60 – currently at 6.94 – He amazingly got worse
John Lackey 6.10 – currently at 3.77 – He returned to his regular form
Francisco Lirano 5.91 – currently at 5.88 – Pretty consistently bad

Brad Lidge 7.27 – currently at 7.51 – Bad, plus factor in 11 blown saves
Troy Percival 6.35 – currently at 6.35 – He has been on the DL
B.J. Ryan 5.71 – currently unemployed – His career could be over
Manny Corpas 5.40 – currently at 5.88 – Bounced between minors and Colorado
J.J. Putz 5.22 – currently at 5.22 – Injury hit him as well

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2009 Un-All-Star Team

Last year, I did my 2008 Un-All-Star Team post in early May. A lot of my team ended up turning things around and a few of them actually ended up with career numbers. I wanted to do this year’s post a little deeper into the season. They are currently about 70 games in right now and some great players are looking like they need some extended spring training to regain their usually consistent form. About this time of year you can throw out the term “slow-starter” and begin using “bad year.”

Some of these players do have some power numbers, but I’m looking at average mostly. If you are still floating around the Mendoza Line and it’s almost July, you are having troubles. A few of these players have been trying to play through injuries (Alfonso Soriano), but his season isn’t living up to expectations.

Here is my list of the 2009 Un-All-Star Team sorted by position. The number next to the position players is their batting average as of today and the number next to the pitchers are their ERA.

Kelly Shoppach .194
Dioner Navarro .218
Geovany Soto .222

First Base
Conor Jackson .182
Carlos Guillen .200
Chris Davis .200
Jason Giambi .212
Lance Berkman .241

Second Base
Alexi Casilla .180
Dan Uggla .216
Howie Kendrick .231
Kelly Johnson .227

Third Base
Garrett Atkins .205
Alex Rodriguez .212

Mike Aviles .183
Khalil Greene .213
Jimmy Rollins .223
Orlando Cabrera .235

Ken Griffey Jr. .220
Grady Sizemore .223
Alfonso Soriano .229
B.J. Upton .229
Ryan Ludwick .234
Pat Burrell .236

Starting Pitchers
Chien-Ming Wang 12.30
Oliver Perez 9.97
Scott Kazmir 7.69
Fausto Carmona 7.42
Ricky Nolasco 7.15
Andy Sonnanstine 6.60
John Lackey 6.10
Francisco Lirano 5.91

Brad Lidge 7.27
Troy Percival 6.35
B.J. Ryan 5.71
Manny Corpas 5.40
J.J. Putz 5.22

If anyone has any recommendations for the 2009 Un-All-Star Team let me know.

I’m sorry if you found this post in hopes of trying to find shirtless photos of Grady Sizemore of any other of our players. It’s kind of a running joke on this blog, since it seems like I get a lot of hit from google from people trying to find shirtless photos from players from Grady Sizemore and Ryan Braun to the confusing duo of C.C. Sabathia and Prince Fielder.

Designated Hitter
David Ortiz .207

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