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The 10 Best Pumpkin Beers

Pumpkin Beers 2014I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin. It could be because my birthday is in the Fall and that I routinely ask for a ‘birthday pumpkin pie’ instead of a cake (Yes, it exists).

I even learned a few garnishing tricks to make drinking pumpkin beers even better. If you coat the rim of the glass with brown sugar (like you do with salt on a margarita glass), it enhances the pumpkin flavors.

Since the craft beer industry exploded a few years ago, nearly every brewery releases some sort of pumpkin or yam beer. I opted to include only the traditional pumpkin beers (there are some great ones aged in barrels). I strayed a bit from the list by including Southern Tier’s Warlock, because it’s so damn good.

I know the ladies love Pumpkin Spice Lattés. They can have all the PSLs to themselves. Just leave me the pumpkin beers. I compiled a list of the ten best pumpkin beers for the Fall/Winter of 2014.

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The 10 Best Summer Beers

2014 Best Summer BeersThere’s nothing better than drinking a cold beer in the sun on a hot Summer day.

It’s getting warmer and breweries are releasing their Summer seasonal beers. I’m a connoisseur of Summer beers, since I tend to ramp up my drinking this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love an IPAs, but I have a special place in my heart for Summer wheats.

Since the craft beer industry exploded a few years ago, nearly every brewery releases some sort of Summer seasonal (even Coors, Budweiser and Miller followed suit…but they didn’t make the list).

I compiled a list of the ten best Summer beers for the Summer of 2014.

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits GABF [VIDEO]

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog never disappoints. The character made famous by Robert Smigel on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” is still going strong with videos on “Conan” on TBS and all over the internet

Triumph visited the “Great American Beer Festival” in Denver and poked fun at the entire craft beer industry. And yes, a 40oz. of malt liquor makes an appearance.

New Site: Drink Up Columbus

I wanted to let my readers know about a new site that my friends and I launched this week. Drink Up Columbus is a new site that deals with bars, beers, and the social scene in Columbus, Ohio. We have a lot of talented writers and people who really love this city. Find out more about the new site and links to some of the stories so far, after the jump.

A few friends of mine, James Marks and Cheryl Harrison, wanted to start a site about local craft beer, liquor, and bars in Columbus, Ohio. We recruited a group of great local writers that will help set the scene of the city we love. Other topics that we are going cover are: homebrewing, food pairing, college bar scene, and a lot of other things going on in the Columbus area.

Here are a few links to articles that we have already posted on the site.

Campus Craft Beer Crawl: Mad Mex

Hal & Al’s – Oasis In The South Side Desert

New Beer’s Eve: The End Of Prohibition

The Usual Suspects, Part 1

Untappd: Foursquare With A Buzz

I hope that you check out the site and let me know what you think and follow ‘Drink Up Columbus’ on Twitter @DrinkUpCbus.


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