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2017 MLB Season Preview: Texas Rangers

2017-MLB-Season-Team-Preview-Texas-Rangers-Mike-Napoli-funnyThe Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister has won the AL West in both of his first two seasons at the helm. They have been a tour de force on offense and has gotten by with their pitching. Their bullpen has actually been one of the best in the Majors and have bailed out the back-end of their rotation many times a year ago.

The Mariners made a few huge moves this offseason and the Astros young roster is expected to improve even more this year. Did the Rangers do enough this offseason to hold off both teams in the AL West?

Can Carlos Gomez be the Comeback Player of the Year?

Here is the 2017 MLB season preview for the Texas Rangers.

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America’s White Boy’s 2016 MLB Un-All-Star Team

pablo sandoval boston red sox fat funny america's white boy 2016 MLB Un-All-Star TeamIt has become a yearly tradition that we look at all the former MLB All-Stars that aren’t having very good years.

The season is a little more than half over and it’s not too late for some of these players to bounce back and turn their seasons around. You can look at our Un-All-Star team article last year, many bounced back and finished strong.

Since I’m an active fantasy baseball owner, it didn’t take me long to make this list. A few of these guys were on my teams early this season, but were quickly dropped. I spent most of my time just baffled that some of these guys were actually All-Stars at one point.

The old benchmark for an All-Star was thrown out with the bathwater when Bud Selig decided each team must have at least one representative in the All-Star Game.

Here is America’s White Boy‘s 2016 MLB Un-All-Star team.

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2016 MLB Season Preview: Houston Astros

Ken Giles Houston Astros 2016 mlb season preview america's white boyHouston has spent most of the last decade picking at the top of the MLB amateur draft. They made no apologies for taking this strategy. Houston was finally heralded for their decision when the Astros made their first postseason appearance since 2005.

The Astros are in a similar situation as the Chicago Cubs. They both have a roster full of young talent and still have strong farm systems. They have the extra benefit of trading some youth for established talent or they could always just sit on them and keep developing. It’s a decision both teams will struggle with as they contend.

Could Carlos Correa or George Springer turn into potential MVP candidates?

Here is the 2016 MLB season preview for the Houston Astros.

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2015 MLB Team Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers 2015 mlb team preview funny shirtless hat weirdOn paper, the Milwaukee Brewers have one of the most talented starting lineups in the National League. Unfortunately, they are thin on depth. It could be a long season if something unforeseen happens.

Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura are two of the best defensive players in the National League. Their bats aren’t too shabby either. They should both be All-Stars in 2015.

Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse anchor a starting rotation that is a bit top-heavy. Mike Fiers was hot at the end of the year, but he hasn’t been able to put together an entire season. The back of the rotation could have trouble.

Khris Davis struck out in nearly 25% of his at-bats in 2014. Will he be more patient this season?

Here is the 2015 MLB season preview for the Milwaukee Brewers.

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2014 MLB Team Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

Hot Sexy Milwaukee Brewers Front Row Amy Williams 2014 MLB Team PreviewIt’s easy to point the finger at Ryan Braun for the Brewers sub-par season, but they had other issues. They were trying to move on from Prince Fielder and new players were pressured to contribute right away.

Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura had breakout seasons and look to improve further in 2014. The ceiling is high for both players and they could both find themselves on the National League All-Star team.

Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Cincinnati are all projected to battle for the NL Central crown. Where does that leave Milwaukee?

Here is the 2014 MLB season preview for the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Brewers Trade J.J. Hardy To Twins

The Alcides Escobar era has officially begun. The Brewers clear the way for their young phenom by trading J.J. Hardy to the Minnesota Twins for speedy center-fielder Carlos Gomez. Does this trade mean that Mike Cameron’s option won’t be picked up by the Brewers?

J.J. Hardy had to be traded to make room for Alcides Escobar, but was Carlos Gomez enough in return? Hardy has some power in his bat, he has hit a total of 75 homers in just over 500 career games. His average hit a career low last season, he was hovering around the Mendoza line all year, but Gomez doesn’t give you much of anything offensively. He is only a career .246 hitter and 12 career home-runs in over 1000 at-bats. Gomez is a nice defensive center-fielder, but with the pitching problems that the Brewers have had, maybe a player with more offensive abilities would be a better match in center-field. Mike Cameron has a $10-million dollar option that they can pick up, I think that they should still pick that up to give Gomez another year of maturing before giving him the job permanently.

I have owned both J.J. Hardy and Carlos Gomez in fantasy baseball leagues over the last two seasons. Hardy is a much better player, but he had a bad year last season. Gomez hasn’t showed that he has the ability to hit for average in the Majors. He has speed, but if he can’t get on base, it doesn’t help the team much.

Who won in this trade? An instant judgment would be that the Twins were the winners in this deal. They can let Orlando Cabrera walk and Nick Punto will be a nice platoon player for them. With all the hitters on the Twins, Hardy will be protected and he should have a very nice season for Minnesota.

Carlos Gomez has the tools to be a lead-off hitter, but with his low batting average and his horrible strikeout-to-walk ratio, he is more likely to be projected as a #9 hitter or pinch-runner.

Time will tell who is the winner, but the Twins have a way to get the most out of their players. J.J. Hardy landed in the perfect place, but I’m not sure if Carlos Gomez can do much to help out the Brewers.

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The White Boy Fantasy Update

It was a pretty slow newsday, so I will update you with my progress in my fantasy baseball league.

I’m currently tied for first in my league of 10 teams. I posted my draft results in a previous post and of course my team has changed since. I have picked up Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Carlos Gomez of the Minnesota Twins. Reynolds has already hit five homers and has a good amount of total bases. I remembered how Reynolds torched the Cubs in the playoffs and it’s hard for me to forget such a thing. I have him on the trading block currently in hopes of landing Brian Roberts. Roberts will help me more in the long run with his high average and stolen bases. The addition of Gomez came after the first game of the season. He was a speed demon on the bases. I added him when only 4% of people owned him in the ESPN leagues and now over 95% of the leagues have him picked up. I like to think that both of these players were my sleepers.

My pitching has been solid so far. My closers Corpas, Wood, and Gagne have been pretty rough. They have blown about as many saves than they have earned. My starters have been pretty decent so far. Zambrano, Lincecum, and Hudson have racked up some innings with a decent ERA. I’m not expecting many wins from Lincecum, since the Giants will be last in the league in runs scored.I’m pretty happy that I stayed away from the Detroit Tigers so far. A few of their players were sitting there as I drafted, but I couldn’t pick any specific player to pinpoint. I thought their offense was going to be so explosive that their RBIs were going to come randomly throughout the lineup. I knew their one weak spot was going to be Edgar Renteria. He played poorly in his lone season in the AL with the Red Sox. He has proven me correct so far this season.

This will be a long season for me, but I’m looking pretty good so far.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.