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C’mon Colts, Bring Back Mike Vanderjagt!

Adam Vinatieri looks to be out for 4-8 weeks with a knee injury and the Colts signed veteran kicker, Matt Stover to fill in. I think this move isn’t very bold. Stover has only attempted three field goals over 50 yards in the last three years and have only connected on one of them. His leg isn’t what it used to be. Isn’t Vanderjagt out there?

The Colts have had a big-legged kicker since the days of Dean Biasucci. It’s another area that the Colts have excelled in, since back in those days, they were very bad. I think that the signing of Matt Stover is unacceptable in my book. They need the ability to score points once they get near the 35-yard line. Stover will only be accurate from 45-yards or less.

I was being a little facetious by asking if Mike Vanderjagt was available, but really is he? I’m sure he could go out there with a fifth of vodka in his system and kick a football 55 yards…only if the game isn’t on the line.

The Colts had to release trouble DT Ed Johnson in order to fit Stover on the roster. Johnson is the starter on the defense and they struggled last season when they released him after some legal problems. They could have kept him and just had rookie punter, Pat McAfee, handle the kicking duties. He was a superb kicker at the University of West Virginia. He already is in charge of the kickoffs because he has a huge leg. I would feel confident in him taking over kicking field goals more than Matt Stover. I feel that this roster move will hurt the Colts against the run the rest of the season.
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