How To Expand Your Love Of Sports

You love sports. Of course you do, what’s not to love? But maybe you want to add a little more variety to your interests. You might be an avid follower of football or baseball, but you yearn for a fresh thrill. Not to worry, below are three popular sports you can start following now and discussing at length on forums or with your friends.

Horse racing

This is a hugely popular sport to follow, and not just because you can make a decent amount of money betting on it. Going to the race is an event in itself, with many people dressing up in their best clothes and making a full day of it. Obviously, a huge part of the culture is “having a little flutter” on the races, and if that’s your thing, then companies like The Professional Syndicate can help you increase your chances of coming home with more than you left with. But all in all, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people who are all thoroughly enjoying themselves and are fully invested in the action.

Boxing or MMA

Often referred to as ‘the noble art,’ nothing comes close to the sheer rawness of two people going toe to toe in the ring. There is a huge culture surrounding boxing, and many fortunes have been won and lost betting on the outcome of two athletes in peak physical condition battling it out. MMA has also had a huge surge of interest in the last decade, and many of the top athletes are becoming household names. You can even have a go yourself from the comfort of your own home, with many computer games being available for both sports.


As quintessentially British as the strawberries and cream that are served to the spectators. But there’s something hypnotic about the simplicity of the game. The power of the athletes as they serve at over 150 mph, the speed and agility as they change direction, the silence that falls upon the stands during play, and the intense concentration in the crucial moments of serving and match points all add to the drama of the sport. It truly is a great way to spend time as a spectator, and it’s a fun sport to get involved with too. Whether you’re happy just to get a rally going between you and another player, or if you want to take things a bit more seriously, there’s a club for every skill level.Well, there you have it sports lovers. Three other sports you could find a new frenzy for outside the usual go-to choices. Give them all a try and see if any capture your imagination. You could also look for others that aren’t on the list, from the more popular alternatives, like golf, to the more obscure, like rabbit agility and show jumping. There are countless options, and one of them might just be the sport you had missing from your life all along.

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