Review: “The Ultimate Yankee Book”

When a team wins 27 World Series, they deserve a big book of facts, trivia and an oral history from those who lived to see all the big moments in the history of the New York Yankees.

The Ultimate Yankee Book: From the Beginning to Today: Trivia, Facts and Stats, Oral History, Marker Moments and Legendary Personalities―A History and … Book About Baseball’s Greatest Franchise by Harvey Frommer is filled with every single thing one would ever want to know about the Bronx Bombers

Want to know which pitchers gave up every single homer during Babe Ruth’s 60-homer season in 1927? It even lists which game number and if they were home or away.

On top of all the in-depth stats, there is iconic photography strewn about the book. One of my favorites was when Allie Reynolds pitched his second no-hitter in 1951. There is just so much happiness and joy in the players’ eyes.

Think you’re the ultimate Yankees fan? You can take 150-question quiz. I did no fare so well, but I did pretty darn well considering I’m a Cubs fan. If you’re baseball history fan like myself, the Yankees are such a huge part of the sports history, that it’s almost impossible to get a few of the questions wrong…but there are some that even the diehardy-est of diehards may get wrong.

For example: “Who made the first error in old Yankees Stadium?” 

The first person to error in ‘The House that Ruth Built’ was indeed, Babe Ruth.

I’m a huge fan of oral histories as I own the Saturday Night Live and ESPN oral histories by James Andrew Miller. They are just the best way to learn about certain time periods from people with first-hand experience.

Frommer is one of the best authors of these sort of books. I actually own two of his older books. One was about Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson, and the other was about the 1927 New York Yankees. I loved the book about the Murderer’s Row Yankees, so it was nice to get his extended look at the entire history of the team.

Like I said before, if you’re a fan of baseball history, this book is amazing. Even the biggest Boston Red Sox fan will have a hard time putting down this book.

You can pick up The Ultimate Yankee Book ($35.00 U.S.) on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.

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